How to Get into IT without Experience or Qualifications.

Written by Jon Lawrance

If there was ever an industry to get into, Information Technology must be it. The opportunities abound for earning a lucrative living and now isrepparttar time to get on board.

But how? If you have computer skill but no experience (or qualifications),repparttar 133528 employment agencies will tell yourepparttar 133529 same old line, "You need experience before anyone will look at you."

It's just plain old Catch-22. You needrepparttar 133530 work to getrepparttar 133531 experience but you can't get that first job to give you a track record and therefore verifiable experience. With this logic, it amazes me that anyone actually gets into IT!

Qualifications help but even that is no guarantee nowadays of getting an IT job. And what do you do when you don't have qualifications but you want to start now? I mean right now, not 3 months later after you've paid a fortune for certification and given up your job to have enough study time.

All is not lost. You have two alternatives.

#1. Offer your services free of charge

For a company to take on - as an employee - someone with no experience is a risky proposition. But all companies need IT help. Therefore, dorepparttar 133532 following:

a) Make a list of 10 local small businesses with approximately 5 to 10 employees. This size of business is too small to have a permanent in-house IT manager yet big enough to have need for IT support.

b) Call each withrepparttar 133533 following script:

"I'm calling aboutrepparttar 133534 possibility of working for your company free of charge in exchange for work experience. So, I'd like to speak torepparttar 133535 owner about this please. Could you see if they are available?"

This will getrepparttar 133536 attention of whoever answersrepparttar 133537 phone as they'll realise it's not just another sales call. You'll have a high chance of getting through torepparttar 133538 boss.

c) If you get through torepparttar 133539 boss, say…

"I'm approaching you because I want to work for your company free of charge in exchange for work experience and a good reference. My area of expertise is in IT. I'm an expert on computer systems and feel sure I can provide some valuable input to your company. And it won't cost you anything. Can we set up a meeting to explore this possibility?"

Get straight torepparttar 133540 point as business owners are very busy creatures indeed. Go for a meeting where you haverepparttar 133541 opportunity to explain in detail how you can help them out. When you explain overrepparttar 133542 phone, it is much easier for them to terminaterepparttar 133543 call without hearing your full story.

d) If you fail to get through torepparttar 133544 boss, say…

"Can I leave my number so he can call me if interested? The number is 123 456-7899. I am contacting a number of other companies today sorepparttar 133545 earlier he can contact merepparttar 133546 better. Thanks."

Putrepparttar 133547 pressure on them to respond quickly or forever looserepparttar 133548 chance of using you free of charge.

e) When you arrive for your interview, you would have already prepared your resume sorepparttar 133549 boss can see at a glance what your background is. In addition to that, outline your IT skills and where you think these skills would benefit a company. For example, if you were good at website design and promotion, say…

"I could improverepparttar 133550 number of visitors to your website and get them to leave their email for you."

This may then lead into specifics on how you can help that company.

f) If you end up doing some work for that company, keep it to 2 to 4 weeks. You don't want a zero wage forever! After your no-charge stint, offer to provide future support at a reasonably competitive rate. They may be very pleased with what you did for them and there would be good will established because you did it all for free. When they need future IT supportrepparttar 133551 chances of them choosing you are very high indeed. There you go, your first fee paying customer.

#2: Start up on your own

Yes, you heard me. Start your own computer consultancy - it's not as difficult as you might suspect. All you need is to know more than 90% ofrepparttar 133552 population, which is quite easy when most have poor to mediocre computer literacy. In addition, if you have good skills in a specialist area, you are likely to know more than 99% ofrepparttar 133553 population.

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