How to Get Your Web Site Ranked High in Search Engines with Free Link Exchanges

Written by Barry Stein

Free link exchanges got my web site torepparttar first page of Google and free link exchanges can dorepparttar 128325 same for your web site.

A couple of weeks ago one of my web sites, http://www.BarrysBeanies, was ranked number 33 on Google for one of my most important keyword phrases "Beanie Babies."

I was determined to get my web site onrepparttar 128326 first page on Google searches forrepparttar 128327 keyword phrase "Beanie Babies."

About that time I had received a newsletter from Sean Burns, search engine expert andrepparttar 128328 author of Rankings Revealed - How to Get Your Site torepparttar 128329 Top of Search Engines. The information provided was just what I needed to get back onrepparttar 128330 first page of Google forrepparttar 128331 keyword phrase "Beanie Babies."

I learned from Sean that there are basically two options to get a high rank on Google for your web site keyword phrases.

Option #1 Do free link exchanges with other web sites that haverepparttar 128332 same theme as your web site. You can target any keyword phrase you want to improve your rank with. This is important—the title text link you exchange with other web sites should berepparttar 128333 keyword phrase you want to target.

What I also like aboutrepparttar 128334 free link exchanges is that you can target one web page for many different keyword phrases. So once you getrepparttar 128335 rank you want for one keyword phrase then you choose another keyword phrase to target and use this new keyword phrase inrepparttar 128336 title text link that you now exchange with other web sites.

It is also important to try and do all your free link exchanges with web sites that have a high Google Page Rank (PR). Go for link exchanges with sites with a PR3 or higher. Web sites with a higher Page Rank are viewed by Google as being more important and links to your web site from these high PR sites will help you more than doing link exchanges with a site with a PR1 or PR2.

You can downloadrepparttar 128337 free Google Toolbar at http:/, which will display allrepparttar 128338 Page Ranks ofrepparttar 128339 web pages you visit.

Also, if you go intorepparttar 128340 Google directory,, and locaterepparttar 128341 category ofrepparttar 128342 sites you want to do your free link exchanges with,repparttar 128343 web sites will be listed withrepparttar 128344 highest Page Ranks atrepparttar 128345 top. Most ofrepparttar 128346 sites nearrepparttar 128347 top ofrepparttar 128348 list will be PR5 or PR6. These arerepparttar 128349 web sites that you will want to start doing your free link exchanges with.

Getting Listed and staying Listed In Search Engines

Written by John Horsch

Creating High Ranking Search engine results is not a game, although many companies try to foolrepparttar search engines and make it one.

Search engines are very completive and, it seems, everyone wants to knowrepparttar 128324 latest tricks or secret. Forget all that.

CONTENT-CONTENT! Yes, content is what matters torepparttar 128325 search engines. If your pages are keyword relevant and packed with valuable content your rankings will reflect this. If you try to trickrepparttar 128326 search engines you could very well find your site banned.

One ofrepparttar 128327 things you can do is write short articles that containrepparttar 128328 contentrepparttar 128329 search engines want. Helprepparttar 128330 search engines don't try to trick them.

Relax and become a content provider, not a trickster. This is a much easier way to obtain higher search engine ranking without allrepparttar 128331 games and tricks.

1. Use Keyword Phrases You Want To Use Use hot industry keywords that are relevant to your web site. Notice I said "Use Keyword Phrases". Keyword phrases are much more effective at gettingrepparttar 128332 customers you want to your page. Most people will type in search phrase, not just one word.

2. Use Focused Content and Research Rework different resources articles and make them your own. Taking from one source is plagiarism and will get you in trouble. Reworking from 5- 10 different resources is called research. You simply want to write a short article, your not looking to write a book. Use concise content and you could find your rankings creeping up.

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