How to Get Rich on the Internet in 7 Easy Steps

Written by Michael J. McGroarty

Step #1.

Forget about getting Rich. Instead concentrate on establishing a cyber business that you can be extremely proud of. A business that you will be happy to tell your neighbors about. A business that truly helps people in some way.

Look around you, in your hometown. How many millionaires do you know? Look closely at how they made their money. Many people who are wealthy today got that way through small businesses they started years ago.What do you suppose they were they thinking when they started out? Was their goal to get rich? I doubt it.

It is my guess that they had an idea for a business they could start. Maybe it was something they were good at, and just thought it would be fun to make money doing something they enjoyed. Maybe they always wanted to own a business of their very own, and once they got that opportunity they poured their heart and soul into that business.

How did they treat their customers when they first started? Did they treat them like some kind of a machine that's only purpose was to bring them cash? Or did they bend over backwards delivering world class customer service to make sure those customers kept coming back year after year?

I think you knowrepparttar answer. The millionaires in your hometown did not get wealthy because they set out to get rich fromrepparttar 117902 onset. They got wealthy because they did a lot of good, and provided their customers withrepparttar 117903 best service they could. They treated those customers with respect, and wentrepparttar 117904 extra mile every single time they gotrepparttar 117905 chance.

Forget about getting rich, and concentrate on establishing a business that helps as many people as possible, and you will eventually become rich. You may never have a million dollars, but you will be rich in ways you never thought possible.

Step #2.

Discover your passion. What is it that you are passionate about? There is one thing that you enjoy doing more than anything else. What is it? Baking bread, fixing cars, decorating mailboxes? There is something that you are passionate about. Take that passion and give it a unique twist and turn it into an on-line business.

My passion is landscape plants and landscape gardening. I'm really good with plants and landscaping. I ownrepparttar 117906 worlds smallest, most famous nursery. It's only 1/20 acre, but because I am so passionate about this little tiny nursery, people all overrepparttar 117907 world not only know about my little nursery, but they are trying to duplicate what we do in our backyard nursery.

How did our little nursery get so famous? I made it that way. It's my passion! I created a website about it, I write articles about it, I get magazines and newspapers to write about it, and I even managed to get it featured on a television show. I love my little nursery, and I tell everybody about it!

Through my website and all this publicity I find other people that share my passion. They gladly pay me good money to learn what I do, and how I do it. I wrote a little book and a few reports. I made some homemade videos about it. And I do mean "homemade".

My customers loverepparttar 117908 videos, even whenrepparttar 117909 screen goes blank for a few seconds because I really don't know how to make videos. They don't care. They loverepparttar 117910 videos. Why? Because my home brewed videos teach them how to develop their passion into a small business. My customers are extremely grateful for what I do.

Forget about trying to get rich. Instead find your passion, and turn it into an on-line business. No matter how much or how little money you make, you will be rich in a way that most people never get to realize.

Step #3.

Start writing about your passion. Take a stack of 3 by 5 index cards, and start writing ideas on them. One idea on each card. Write as fast as you can. Just keep putting one idea on each card, until you have at least 200 cards, 500 cards, or whatever number you can come up with. What kind of ideas should you write? Write an idea for everything you know about your passion. Every little detail that you've learned overrepparttar 117911 years.

For instance.

Did you know thatrepparttar 117912 best wheelbarrow inrepparttar 117913 world is a "Jackson"? A Jackson wheelbarrow is designed in such a way that you can load it so thatrepparttar 117914 bulk ofrepparttar 117915 weight rests onrepparttar 117916 wheel and notrepparttar 117917 spine ofrepparttar 117918 "wheelbarrow pusher". I'll bet you didn't know that did ya? I know it. And if I include that one little tidbit along with a hundred others, I've got a saleable product that others are willing to pay me money for.

Why Not Start Your Own Web Site?

Written by Mickey Coult

There's a nasty little rumor out inrepparttar media right now, claiming that repparttar 117901 Internet explosion is dying down to little more than some occasional surfing. However, according to Nielsen/NetRatings, in home Internet use by Americans has increased six percent inrepparttar 117902 last year, and by a whopping nineteen percent since 1999. That means that 58% of all American homes are currently surfingrepparttar 117903 Net generally on a daily basis.

Whilerepparttar 117904 average web user tends to spend about ten and a half hours online per month, people usingrepparttar 117905 internet for research purposes seem to log on a quite a bit more than that. Workers or students looking for valuable information regarding their current research topic are putting in an average of twenty plus hours a week!

Withrepparttar 117906 Internet being used more commonly as a research tool and showing up in more homes everyday,repparttar 117907 chances of people viewing a web page are increased greatly. Having a web site can have more than one advantage, whether you are a business owner, student, teacher, or just someone that wants to share information or opinions with other people.

Oftentimes, small business owners have trouble marketing their products to people outside their own local area. With a web site that pulls up when a potential customer typesrepparttar 117908 site's key words into a search engine,repparttar 117909 business owner just expanded his customer database to worldwide proportions without even setting foot outside his home or office.

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