How to Get Relief during the Fall Allergy Season

Written by Harold Miller

Not only do temperatures and weather conditions change asrepparttar fall season approaches, but those annoying allergies you get every year, around this time, are likely to hit again. But don’t worry just yet, there are ways to fightrepparttar 150562 annoyance so you can be as allergy-free as possible this fall.

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish whetherrepparttar 150563 symptoms you are experiencing are due to a cold or allergies. The clear difference betweenrepparttar 150564 two is colds usually tend to be short-lived whereas allergies can run for weeks or even months. The most common allergy is pollen (also called hay fever), which causes symptoms to flare-up due torepparttar 150565 pollen grains floating throughrepparttar 150566 air. Allergies tend to occur whenrepparttar 150567 seasons change and you may notice your allergies approaching at almostrepparttar 150568 exact same time every year.

There are many things you can do to help ensure you do not get allergies this fall season, and here are some ofrepparttar 150569 most effective prevention tips:

•Close Your Windows - keep your windows closed in both your house and your car especially at night. This will prevent pollen and mold spores from entering your house and intorepparttar 150570 air you breathe. •Stay Indoors - staying indoors (with your windows shut) is probablyrepparttar 150571 best way to ensure you don’t get allergies this season. Most ofrepparttar 150572 pollen is found outdoors, so eliminate this allergic element as much as possible.

Guidant Pacemaker Recall

Written by T.Going

On July 19, 2005 Guidant Corporation have recalled many pacemakers because of a potentially fatal flaw in nine units of their devices. The company says there have been 69 units from these groups that have undergone some sort of failure. Between 1997 and 2000, 78,000 pacemakers were manufactured and all are suspected to have this defect. Over 18,000 of these pacemakers are still in use today inrepparttar United States.

Guidant Pacemakers are small devices implanted intorepparttar 150561 patient’s chest. There is a wire that connects directly torepparttar 150562 heart which regulatesrepparttar 150563 heartbeat byrepparttar 150564 means of subtle yet continuous electric shocks. These Guidant pacemakers have a malfunctioning hermetic seal that might cause moisture to seep in and damagerepparttar 150565 unit. There has been at least one death thought to be related to this feature. The units being recalled arerepparttar 150566 Pulsar Max, Pulsar, Discovery, Discovery II, Meridian, Virtus Plus II, Intelis II, Contak TR andrepparttar 150567 Pulsar Max II.

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