How to Get People to Read Your Ads Like CRAZY!

Written by Neil Moran

Rule One :- The Headline

The headline should summarizerepparttar whole offer. It should grabrepparttar 101031 eye, and make you want to readrepparttar 101032 subheading.

The headline should intrigue and captivaterepparttar 101033 reader. It's sole aim is to makerepparttar 101034 reader continue on to readrepparttar 101035 body text. You should take great time and trouble overrepparttar 101036 headline.

Let's say we're selling a book on home security, yes, I know, boring and you might start with something like this:-


This is very bad, but typical of an amateur. People don't care about 'crime statistics'. That's boring, they only care about their own house or car being broken into. OK, how about this:-


A bit better, but not brilliant. It does personalize it and does play on peoples fear. It's still pretty weak though. What we need is a headline that will grab you byrepparttar 101037 throat and force you to read on. How about this:-


Now that's what I call a 'killer' headline. You've just got to read on, haven't you?

Always think very carefully about your headline.

Make it extremely intriguing, interesting or exciting. If you're selling a 'straight' product, then use a slightly different approach,repparttar 101038 headline should state whatrepparttar 101039 product is, with a few adjectives in front. Say for a Tea Trolley, your headline would be:-

New, Italian, Fold-away TEA TROLLEY

There should also be a picture ofrepparttar 101040 product. The picture andrepparttar 101041 headline simply act to grabrepparttar 101042 eye of anyone who is remotely interested in purchasing this type of product.

Rule Two:- The Subheading

The subheading should expand uponrepparttar 101043 story hinted inrepparttar 101044 main heading, and drawrepparttar 101045 reader inexorably into readingrepparttar 101046 body text.

Subheadings for straight products should outlinerepparttar 101047 main features and benefits ofrepparttar 101048 product. Again, boring, but this is what works,

A subheading forrepparttar 101049 Tea Trolley would be:- "New from Italy, Lightweight, Fold-away Trolley is available in your choice of three colors."

As I say, boring, but this is what works, so don't try and get clever or 'artsy'.

Here'srepparttar 101050 subheading forrepparttar 101051 security book:- "I've nicked hundreds of cars and done over fifty burglaries. Would you like to know what I've got in mind for YOUR place?"

Brilliant, or what??!! You've just got to read intorepparttar 101052 body text, haven't you?

Remember this isrepparttar 101053 MAIN function ofrepparttar 101054 heading and subheading. Noticerepparttar 101055 quotes, it seems as thoughrepparttar 101056 guy was talking to YOU,repparttar 101057 reader ofrepparttar 101058 advert, butrepparttar 101059 quotes imply that it is just something that this burglar said, some time ago, to whoever it was he was speaking to.

10 Tips For Writing An Unforgettable Ad!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. Publish a picture of yourself in your ad. This will show people that you're not hiding behind your web site and you're not afraid to backup your product.

2. List how many famous or respected people have purchased your product in your ad. These people should be fairly known by your target audience.

3. Publishrepparttar results of any tests your product has passed in your ad. Your product may have passed a durability test, safety test, quality test, etc.

4. Publishrepparttar 101030 results of any positive surveys you've taken from your customers in your ad. Just survey your current customers and listrepparttar 101031 results.

5. List any publications that have written about your business in your ad. It could be a product review, on a top ten list, an article, etc.

6. List any related books that you've written in your ad. When you list a book(s) you've wrote, it gives you credibility because it shows you're an expert.

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