How to Get One Way Backlinks

Written by Matt Colyer

Don't be fooled into believing that all backlinks are created equal because their not! Why, you may ask? It's no secret that many webmasters trade links left, and right, forrepparttar benefit of a higher ranking inrepparttar 137767 search results, but search engines have caught on to this technique, and are very aware that this is major threat torepparttar 137768 relevance ofrepparttar 137769 search results.

Search engines such as Google have took steps in an effort to prevent this from becoming major problem by placing more importance on one way backlinks. So, how do you get one way backlinks to your web site? Well, there are number of ways to go about this, butrepparttar 137770 most effective techniques are listed below.

1) Having a useful, and valuable web site, especially if your web site is free, (Such as providing articles, tools, games, and software.) will cause other web sites to link to your web site. Why? Because by linking to useful, and unique web sites offer value to their own web site's visitors, and therefor increases their own value. This one can take while to really pay off because like all new web sites, you won't get much traffic.

2) Getting listed in directories, especially related ones, won't only bring you tons of traffic, but will also improve your search engine ranking. The two most important directories to get listed in arerepparttar 137771 ODP (Otherwise known DMOZ), and Yahoo's directory. You can also find directories that are related to your web site by searching with your favorite search engine with your keyword, and adding atrepparttar 137772 end resource or directory.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization, tips on successful page ranking

Written by Shawn DesRochers

We at get asked this question allot, how do I improve my page rank in and how do I get spider bots to crawl my web-site?

One ofrepparttar key things to remember when developing your web-site presence is to always evaluate your competition. See what’s working for them; how they market their products and services, and even evaluate their KEYWORD and DISCRIPTION tags.

The key points of using these two Meta Tags, is optimization!

Evaluate your Keywords: look at your web-site and evaluate it services and products, be sure to do a search in  to help you pickrepparttar 137044 keywords that your potential clients may be looking for.

The next thing is to evaluate your site content to see just how often you’re using these keywords,repparttar 137045 biggest mistake that web-masters make is creating their Meta Tag Description and Keywords and not including them in their content pages.

To getrepparttar 137046 best results, is to ensure that you use as many of your keywords and discretion tags throughout your entire site.

The next thing is your products or images, be sure to include some of those keywords in your ””

Google, Yahoo, and Msn all userepparttar 137047 following tags:

Be sure to include these in your Meta Tag, as it tells spider bots to search links to other pages on your site, increasing your chance of getting better indexed inrepparttar 137048 search engines.

The next key point is to also ensure you have created page titles for each section of your site, this is another mistake most make and they usually brand each page with their site name,repparttar 137049 mistake is that, when your potential client types in to Google for a specific item or product you lesson your chances on being pulled up.

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