How to Get On Talk Radio and Reach Thousands for FREE!

Written by Kevin Nunley

Want a FREE way to promote your business to thousands in your area? How about a free way to market to customers nationwide? Talk radio gives you both at zero cost.

Before I started, I worked acrossrepparttar hall from a talk radio station. The lobby was constantly filled with people who were appearing as guests on talk shows. What an interesting group! I metrepparttar 124474 Governor, rock stars, famous writers, everyday people promoting causes, and a whole assortment of accountants, gardeners, financial planners, realtors, crafts people, and educators.

For every famous person who stepped up torepparttar 124475 mic, there were 20 "regular" experts on every issue you can think of. These were local business owners, professionals, and workers who had interesting informationrepparttar 124476 radio audience would find helpful.

Guests usually aren't allowed to turn their on-air appearances into self-serving ads (that's what paid commercials are for), but no guests leaves without grabbing a considerable amount of promotional benefit for themselves. Guests almost always get a chance to share their phone number, email address, office location, or web site URL.

There is no shortage of talk show opportunities. Talk stations number inrepparttar 124477 thousands throughoutrepparttar 124478 US and Canada. Many more radio stations have a Sunday morning talk show.

First find one or two stations in your area. Listen torepparttar 124479 shows and become familiar withrepparttar 124480 hosts andrepparttar 124481 topics they like to cover. Next, CALL or EMAILrepparttar 124482 radio station and talk withrepparttar 124483 host or producer. You can get station contact info fromrepparttar 124484 yellow pages. You may be able to get an email address that goes directly torepparttar 124485 host. Most stations have web sites you can search for and easily find.

Tellrepparttar 124486 host what subject you specialize in. You don't have to be a world-class expert, just have some helpful tipsrepparttar 124487 audience will be interested in. A day care owner could talk about how to keep small kids busy while Mom or Dad works at home. An accountant or lawyer might give tips for saving on taxes or fighting an IRS audit. Somebody who does a lot of fishing could talk about favorite lakes and bait.

How to Ride Your Way to Media Limelight

Written by Michael Low

A press release is an effective way to get your story intorepparttar hands of journalists and editors. Throughrepparttar 124473 media, many startups and small businesses are often transformed from little unknown companies to famous brands.

How can you multiply your chances of getting media coverage amidst fierce PR competition? There is a common sense PR technique you can use to ride your way to media limelight.

Here is a recent case study of how an unknown startup company catapulted into media limelight using this proven PR technique.

After September 11, security and safety wererepparttar 124474 buzz. The media were concerned with national, local and home security. Withrepparttar 124475 anthrax scares, opening of snail mails became dreaded by many.

On October 31, a San Francisco startup called Paperless POBox sent out a press release titled "System That Delivers Postal Mail Via Email is Available to Combat Mail Bioterrorism."

Paperless POBox provides a service which integrates snail mail with modern email. People sign up for a box address and snail mail addressed to them are scanned into image files automatically routed to their email inboxes.

They were soon featured on prominent media like CNN Moneyline, CNNfn, TechTV, CBS-KLAS and CNet Radio. From an unknown upstart with no track record, they were soon gaining popularity and credibility.

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