How to Get Great Testimonials and Endorsements for Your Book

Written by Ink Tree Ltd.

Whether you are selling a book or a product, testimonials and endorsements are a necessary and vital part of your marketing plan. Whether you need one endorsement to accent a particular feature of your book or product, or whether you need several endorsements to create credibility – you do NEED them.  Endorsements and testimonials (which we will call endorsements forrepparttar sake of simplicity) createrepparttar 126373 push that prospective customers need in order to become buyers. Endorsements provide credibility to your claims aboutrepparttar 126374 quality of your product and they affirm your expertise and product knowledge. Even if you are not professionally trained in your area of expertise, endorsements from professionals or well known individuals in your field indicate that you can provide value torepparttar 126375 buyer. The simple fact that you have created your product gives you expert status: after all, you could not have produced your product without extensive research, commitment and passion. You becomerepparttar 126376 expert.  The purpose of endorsements is to thoroughly impress your customers, causing them to believe that their lives just will not be complete without your product. Make them short and powerful, and don’t be afraid of a little humor. People need to feel good about purchasing your product.  The time to request endorsements is before your product hitsrepparttar 126377 market. You wantrepparttar 126378 opportunity to add endorsements to your media kit and news releases, and you want to print them on your product and in your advertisements.  Send requests for endorsements, along with a sample of your product, well beforerepparttar 126379 product is available for sale. Aim forrepparttar 126380 stars when requesting endorsements – ask people who are recognizable in your field and who are as well known and widely known as possible.   Keep in mind that granting endorsements is also of great benefit torepparttar 126381 persons providing them, so don’t be afraid to ask. Free publicity is always a bonus. When you implement your marketing plan,repparttar 126382 persons providing your endorsements will piggy-back on your media and advertising campaign. To learn more about how to obtain free media reviews and how to obtain media attention: Click Here People must hearrepparttar 126383 name of your product at least seven times before it becomes familiar enough for them to develop trust and a need to buy. The same is true forrepparttar 126384 person lending their name to create your credibility – they also need to be in people’s faces every day. Have you noticed how often you seerepparttar 126385 name of Mark Victor Hansen, author ofrepparttar 126386 Chicken Soup book series? He endorses many products and in so doing he has become a household name. 

Selling Your Book to Book Clubs - Increasing the Odds

Written by Ink Tree Ltd.

What is a book club sale? It is actually a rights sale or a licensing agreement: you are granting permission to a book clubrepparttar right to “borrow” your work. You have written a book, and now you are allowing a book club to print and distribute your book to its members.

You allowrepparttar 126372 book club to reprint your book in a specific language, in a specific format, for a specific period of time, in a specific geographic territory, to a specific group of people. You ensure in your contract that you maintain ownership ofrepparttar 126373 copyright and of all other intellectual property rights, such as electronic, movie, other languages and territories, and serial rights – to name a few. Always seek good legal advice before signing a contract.

There are many book clubs, but most ofrepparttar 126374 major clubs fall underrepparttar 126375 bookspan umbrella ( To find other book clubs that are appropriate for your book, do an internet search: on your browser, type in +(your book genre, e.g., cooking)+book+club.

The chances of having your book selected by a book club are roughly one in ten, which is really quite good. Imagine if your chance at winningrepparttar 126376 lottery was that great!

Tip #1 for increasingrepparttar 126377 odds:

It is important to know that book clubs are always looking for new ideas to entice their members, so if your book is well written and edited, has plans for professional graphic design, AND demonstrates a unique slant on your topic, your chances of being selected rise considerably.

Tip #2 for increasingrepparttar 126378 odds:

In saying that, it is important for you to know thatrepparttar 126379 earlier you submit your book,repparttar 126380 better.

Tip #3 for increasingrepparttar 126381 odds:

Book clubs are much happier receiving a typed manuscript six to twelve months in advance of your publication date than receiving a bound galley or finished book close torepparttar 126382 publication date. A book club likes to introduce your book to its members near your publication date in order to take advantage ofrepparttar 126383 reviews and publicity that you will be generating when your book is launched. The biggerrepparttar 126384 media splash you make,repparttar 126385 better everyone’s sales will be.

Tip #4 for increasingrepparttar 126386 odds:

There are many categories of book clubs, so be sure to submit your title only torepparttar 126387 appropriate clubs. Do not send your book to every book club that you can find. Each club’s membership has specific interests so be sure to submit your book only to clubs that might buy—you will again increase your chance of being selected.

For instance, if you have a humor book, it’s unlikely to be of any interest to a cooking club or to a mathematics club. If your book is regional, it will not likely appeal to a general interest book club, so submit that a regional title to suitable specialty clubs.

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