How to Get FREE Major Search Engine/Directory Listings

Written by Edward Gause

Although getting a free search engine listing is a bit tricky, it's not rocket science. By properly preparing your web page and submitting them torepparttar right sources, you can get a very good ranking on many ofrepparttar 125058 more popular ones...FREE!

Before submitting your web page, make sure it is ready. Make sure allrepparttar 125059 links are working properly and check your spelling and grammar for errors. This is a must for submitting to directories. Directory submissions are reviewed by human editors.

Prepare a description of your page, 30 words or less. Again, reviewers will be using this when they visit your site. This description will also be displayed in search results.

Once this is done, make sure to include meta tags in your web page heading. Pay particular attention torepparttar 125060 keywords meta tag. This is important because this is how many ofrepparttar 125061 search engines that use crawlers will find and index you. A good search engine positioning article to read up onrepparttar 125062 basics is:

"A Down and Dirty Guide to Search Engine Positioning"

Be sure to include your targeted keyword(s) in your web page description. Include them inrepparttar 125063 title of your site as well. Include your keyword(s) inrepparttar 125064 "alt=" tag for images. Visit my site at and viewrepparttar 125065 source code. From your browser menu, just click on "view" and then "source." You will see what I'm talking about.

Also, take a look at how many times "internet marketing" is used on my main page. This is called keyword density. Note My how my targeted keyword is used frequently but meaningfully throughoutrepparttar 125066 page.

Now you're ready to start submitting your web page! To get started, first submit your site torepparttar 125067 Open Directory Project (ODP). Getting listed here will also get your site indirectly listed on YaHoo, Google and AOLSearch.

How to Kick Start your Website Traffic

Written by Anil Khatri

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Traffic isrepparttar 125058 oxygen of any website. The internet would cease to exist without any traffic. Your website may haverepparttar 125059 best content, but without traffic it is as good as dead. No purpose is solved in having a website which does not have traffic.

There are many ways and means to get traffic to your website. They range from search engines to classified ads to reciprocal linking to opt-in emails to ezines and so on. Some ways are better than others. Different methods work for different websites.

The world of traffic has been seeing a different trend inrepparttar 125060 recent times, and that is of guaranteed hits systems. Though a few such systems were around much earlier, it is inrepparttar 125061 recent times thatrepparttar 125062 fashion has caught on and several such networks have sprung up.

What are these guaranteed hits systems and what can they do for you? The underlying principle in these systems is similar to a banner exchange, though in a banner exchange you exchange banner impressions, here you exchange complete pageviews of your website.

Basically there are three types of such systems:

(1) PopUnder/PopOver/Exit/Entry: The most popular exchange systems in this category are popunder and exit.

This is how it works. Upon signing up, you are given a special code which you need to install into one or more pages of your website.

For a popunder system, when a visitor enters your website, a window opens inrepparttar 125063 background (popunder window) which displays some other member's url.

For a exit system, a window opens when your visitor leaves your website (exit window) and this window displays some other member's url.

What happens here is you have 'shown' someone else's url and later someone else will 'show' your url.

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