How to Get 100,000 Visitors or More from Yahoo

Written by Johannes Garrido

How would you like to reaprepparttar benefits of getting listed inrepparttar 128064 largest and most popular searchable directory onrepparttar 128065 net?

At last count, Yahoo receives over 180 million visitors a month.

Can you imaginerepparttar 128066 kind of traffic you'll receive by getting just a small percentage of Yahoo's traffic?

For many, getting listed in Yahoo is like winningrepparttar 128067 lottery: millions enter, but only a few are accepted.

However, by followingrepparttar 128068 7 simple steps listed below you'll be able to :

o jump pastrepparttar 128069 millions of websites vying for a listing o get your site listed o receive more targeted visitors o and ultimately earn more money.

Here's how to get your site listed in Yahoo:

1. Focus on a GOOD Keyword

Understanding which keywords people are actively searching can meanrepparttar 128070 difference between your site getting 50 visitors a day or 1000 visitors a day. So, you'll need to target keywords that people are actively searching for to get any meaningful source of traffic.

Here are 3 ways to Discover Popular Keywords:

o Wordspot - o Goto Search Term Suggestion Tool o Good Keywords -

2. Set Up an New Domain

It's a good idea to create an entirely new domain using repparttar 128071 Keyword you came up with in Step 1.

Sure, it may involve an upfront cost:

o $15 / year for a domain name + year worth of hosting (Find this Amazing price at o $199 for an Express Submission. o Total Cost = $214 dollars

However, just imagine how many visitors you can bring with a Yahoo listing. For instance, let's say you can bring 500 visitors a day (a conservative estimate). This comes out to about 182,500 visitors in a year.

A total cost of $214.40 for 182,500 adds up to less than 1/10 a penny a visitor. Plus, if you submit this new site torepparttar 128072 various search engines, you will gain even more visitors. You won't find a better bargain out there.

3. Create Unique Content

Setting up a new domain is not enough for getting into Yahoo. To get into Yahoo, you'll need to present unique content forrepparttar 128073 Yahoo editors. Remember, each site that's submitted to Yahoo is reviewed by live humans.

So how do you create unique content forrepparttar 128074 Yahoo reviewers?

One way to do this is to find gaps in Yahoo's listings, and providerepparttar 128075 information to fill in those gaps.

Simply search Yahoo's category listing inrepparttar 128076 subject area you plan on submitting to and finding an area that is lacking content. Then, your job is to simply create repparttar 128077 content to fill inrepparttar 128078 gaps for them.

Don't worry, you don't have to create a massive 500 pg. website. 7-10 pages of unique content (including links to other sources) should be more than adequate to get you listed.

4. Title of Your Site Should Be On Your Actual Website.

In most cases,repparttar 128079 yahoo reviewers will use your company name asrepparttar 128080 title of your listing. So if you haverepparttar 128081 ability to do so, you might want to consider this in choosing your business name. When deciding on your business name, be sure to include your most important keyword (Step 1 above) in it.

Input! Input!

Written by Ken Garner

Inrepparttar classic 1986 Film "Short Circuit"repparttar 128063 main character is a cute Robot with an acute thirst for knowledge known only as 'Number 5'.

One of Robot number 5s most engaging traits is that whenever he stumbles across anything interesting he rushes off enthusiastically to collect and indexrepparttar 128064 data with cries of "Input! Input!".

Robots designed to collect and index data actually exist but they are not made of exotic metals, they are software programs and are used by Search Engines to gather information aboutrepparttar 128065 relevance of your web site to a particular search term. These Robots ( sometimes called spiders or crawlers ) are smart but not very selective. Unless you provide unambiguous ground rules for visiting Search Engine robots, excluding them from areas you don't want them to enter, then every file on your web site will be perceived as "Input!" and is likely to get indexed. "But", I hear you ask, "I want to get indexed by Search Engines, why is this a problem"? Indexing everything sounds superficially smart, however as part of a coherent web site promotion and Search Engine optimization strategy it has a number of important disadvantages. * Search Engine spiders should be actively discouraged from visiting areas where sensitive information might be stored. * Indiscriminately indexing everything can seriously diluterepparttar 128066 relevancy of your web sites overall theme and can produce a sub-optimal rank in Search Engine listings. * Allowing a Search Engine spider to index everything can even inadvertently lead torepparttar 128067 perception by some ofrepparttar 128068 Search Engine that your web site contains spam, this can lead to your site being blacklisted. * For multilingual web sites it's imperative to focus English language robots ontorepparttar 128069 relevant English language pages and to direct robots from international Search Engines, who might be looking for Spanish, German or French language resources, torepparttar 128070 appropriately localized content areas of your site. * Search Engine robots can only "read" text. Dynamic content or graphical components cannot be read or indexed, rendering your site effectively

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