How to Generate Multiple Streams of Revenue from Your Online Business

Written by Marc Goldman

The biggest mistake that people who run an online business make is to rely on only one product or service as their sole source of income. Don't get me wrong, if that one product or service is providing you with allrepparttar income you need or desire, then by all means continue on that path. However, most people who make their living onrepparttar 117978 web do so by maintaining several profitable revenue streams that bring in a steady and dependable flow of income. This does not mean that you have to develop several of your own products and/or services. There are many other ways to find additional sources of income, some are right under your nose. 1. Sell advertising space: If you publish an opt-in newsletter you already have an extremely powerful vehicle for reaching a target market. If you have 1,000+ subscribers you could begin selling advertising space in your publication. As soon as those wishing to targetrepparttar 117979 same market are made aware of your newsletter offers to purchase ad space will begin to flow in. Some newsletters with high circulations (over 15,000 subscribers) bring in anywhere from $1,000-$10,000 a month just from selling ad space in their ezines. TIP - In order to make potential advertisers aware of your newsletter andrepparttar 117980 advertising packages you offer, you should make sure your newsletter is listed inrepparttar 117981 40 or 50 ezine directories available onrepparttar 117982 web. You can also generate a revenue stream by offering banner advertising space on your website. This is one ofrepparttar 117983 easiest types of online advertising to sell. You simply need to install banner ad serving software and provide advertisers with a way to track their ad campaigns and measure their effectiveness. If you do not wish to go throughrepparttar 117984 trouble of setting this up and managing it on your own, you can userepparttar 117985 services of a third party company such as Doubleclick. They specialize in bringing together advertisers and websites offering ad space for sale. 2. Joint Venture: Form strategic joint ventures with other websites or newsletter publishers who offer a non competitive product or service that your audience would be interested in. One ofrepparttar 117986 simplest joint ventures, albeit notrepparttar 117987 only one, is to participate in other peoples affiliate programs and make a personal recommendation of their product/service to your audience and both parties reaprepparttar 117988 benefits. Here are some tips to help you developrepparttar 117989 most effective joint ventures possible: a. Be very selective in what you recommend to your audience (i.e. customers, subscribers and website visitors). If your website is cluttered with banner ads for several different products or you send out solo mailings endorsing a new affiliate program to your subscribers every other day, you decrease your credibility which in turn decreasesrepparttar 117990 effectiveness of your endorsements. This naturally lessens your profit potential. Remember, you always want to maintainrepparttar 117991 trust you've built up with your audience especially since it has been proven to be easier to sell to your existing customers than it is to someone who has never before had dealings with you. Therefore, you must always try to be as selective as possible when forming your joint ventures. Carefully examinerepparttar 117992 affiliate programs and other products and services you endorse to insure that your audience can

Your First Year Doing Business Online. What you need to do to get through it and prosper!

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

I've been doing business profitably online since 1994. Back then things were very difficult. Software was primitive, prospects were few, and many of them started their conversations with, "So, what is that Internet thang anyway?"

Yep, things were difficult.

However in a way I was lucky, because back then NOBODY knew what they were doing. We were all green together. You could make mistakes without slitting your throat. As a result, I learned by experience,repparttar greatest, most severe, teacher of all.

Since 1994 I have seen literally thousands of people fail online... and I have watched others,repparttar 117977 smart ones, prosper, right up to and includingrepparttar 117978 grim days of online business consolation still upon us.

Having been an acute observer ofrepparttar 117979 cyberscene now for so many years, I've got a very good idea what it takes to profitably get through your first year of seriously doing business online,repparttar 117980 annus horribilis!

-- Get Serious

The first trick is to GET SERIOUS. The sad truth is thatrepparttar 117981 entire Internet culture has encouraged levity, superficiality, and lack of seriousness. It shows. Thousands, maybe millions, of people are trying to do business online -- but too many approachrepparttar 117982 subject with a lack of responsibility that absolutely ensures poor results.

The rate of online business failure for newbies is staggering, butrepparttar 117983 truth is most bring it on themselves by failing to understand thatrepparttar 117984 Internet is not a toy. It's a business -- and a demanding one at that, open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year -- and insisting that you do business accordingly. Too many people, looking only atrepparttar 117985 undeniable business efficiencies ofrepparttar 117986 'net, don't have sufficient understanding of what an online business demands in terms of shere commitment. Do you?

-- Sell Value

Let's face it. Too many people online sell crap. If that's you, you've missed a fundamental point about business success in general and online business success in particular: you'll never get rich selling shoddy

Too many online "business" people have a fundamental misconception aboutrepparttar 117987 Internet. They reckon that if they sell enough people whatever they've got, then THEY can take their pile and go home, singing allrepparttar 117988 way torepparttar 117989 bank.

That theory is absolutely wrong.

The people online who are makingrepparttar 117990 money now and who will makerepparttar 117991 money tomorrow are those who sell VALUE!

I know. We at Worldprofit at are one of them. We've taken a back bedroom business in wintry Edmonton, Canada and turned it into a multi- million dollar cash cow. How? By working harder, longer, smarter than our competitiors and by keepingrepparttar 117992 business firmly based on one fundamental fact: PEOPLE WANT AND WILL BUY VALUE!

Want to see another value site? Click here

This is a guy who has turned "Dakota flax" into Dakota gold and is whistling a happy tune allrepparttar 117993 way torepparttar 117994 teller's line.

He sells VALUE! People go to get a free sample. They likerepparttar 117995 product. They buyrepparttar 117996 product. They run out ofrepparttar 117997 product. They buy some more ofrepparttar 117998 product. And so, Rumpelstiltskin like,repparttar 117999 proprietor turns flax into gold.

-- Getrepparttar 118000 tools you need. Don't try to run your business without them.

You wouldn't try to build a house with your bare hands would you? Yet tons of people worldwide are trying to build an online business withoutrepparttar 118001 tools they need. What are these key tools?

* a domain. A domain is cyber real estate that you own and can develop for life. Want to see an example of a domain that's gone from NOTHING to being one ofrepparttar 118002 most valuable properties online? Go to

We've been working to improve this domain property since 1994. Scarcely a day goes by but we're adding, changing, modifying, improving. That's what you do when you're an owner: YOU IMPROVE FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT. Are you doing this now? Or are you trying to get by with some cheesy free or self-replicating site? Lots of people have discovered that was a dim idea when they woke up to find thatrepparttar 118003 company they got their site from had evaporated inrepparttar 118004 cyber meltdown. Bottom line: if you want to prosper online, own your domain.

* a listserver. A listserver enables you to send out unlimited NON-SPAM email to any given list. Want to see listservers in action? Go to

Each newsletter published by Worldprofit (and there are many now) has its own list and consequently its own listserver.

Some lists we email to daily (even TWICE a day); others we email to once a week (never less.) The important thing is that when you're using a listserver, you're usingrepparttar 118005 smartest tool for getting your message out torepparttar 118006 people you want to reach. Best of all,repparttar 118007 price is just pennies a day! Incredible!

I've been using listservers for years and have, inrepparttar 118008 process, emailed literally TENS OF MILLIONS of pages of information to people worldwide. It's one major reason why Worldprofit didn't stay in a back bedroom and why it owns its own building today!

* a sales manager. The longer you're in business online,repparttar 118009 more prospects you're going to have -- if you do things right. The question is: how will you respond to and communicate with these prospects? Sadly, without an automated system, you'll be overwhelmed, unable to cope with your leads in any remotely acceptable way. That's whererepparttar 118010 sales manager comes in.

The sales manager developed by Worldprofit enables you to send up to 25 personalized follow-up messages in any given 90 day period to each and every one of your prospects.

As we know, people online are assailed with offers, messages, email, both subscription and spam. They get a thousand dollars worth of offers for every dollar's worth of spending potential. They end up tuning out.

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