How to Generate 5X More Money....using the hidden power of Email

Written by Scott Klarenbach

Effective Email Marketing isrepparttar only way to do business onrepparttar 109654 Internet. But, most people have no idea what that means. They only have a rehashed version of what has been repeated thousands of times all overrepparttar 109655 net. Well, we're about to settle all ofrepparttar 109656 myths here, to uncover a can't lose email stategy to ANIHALATE your competition.

I'll show you what I mean by giving you an example...

Let's say you're selling fishing rods. No matter how good your website is, there is no way that you should advertiserepparttar 109657 link. Yes, you read that right! Because like most people, if you sendrepparttar 109658 people straight to your website, all you can do is hope that they buy. If you're lucky, they'll leave you their email address.

Well, let's say 200 went there. (the number doesn't matter- as you'll soon see.) At an average of just under 2% conversion (industry standard) 4 people bought your fishing rod. Great! If you soldrepparttar 109659 thing for $30/each, then you just made $120 on an ad that maybe only cost you $90. The amateur thinks at this point "I'm inrepparttar 109660 money."

This isrepparttar 109661 type of marketing that is destroying your business.

What do I mean by that? Well, you just made $30. ($120-$90 --forrepparttar 109662 sake ofrepparttar 109663 lesson, we'll forget aboutrepparttar 109664 cost of manufacturing and shippingrepparttar 109665 fishing rods)

Now, next week, what do you have to do in order to make that same $30 again? You have to write and pay for another ad. If everything goesrepparttar 109666 same (and it might not!!) you'll earn another $30. But are you starting to see a problem here?

Every week, you are not making 4 sales, you are losing 196.

You spent your hard earned time and money to write an effective ad, you designed a good headline, you set up a well written presentation, and after that, you threw 196 people away like they were garbage! Every lead you generate from advertising costs you money, and each lead is worth its weight in Gold!

You have to use email to stay in constant contact with your leads for many reasons. (if you know these, keep reading- it gets better.)

#1. You may have to contact a lead multiple times in order to get a sale. So, out of those 196 people that you'll never see again, a lot of them were potential sales that you let slip through your fingers.

#2. If you keep all of your leads that you generate, over time you will haverepparttar 109667 most valuable thing onrepparttar 109668 planet for a marketer - a unique mailing list.

Now, why is a mailing list so important? Well, instead of having to re-advertise every time you want to sell another fishing rod, you can just do a Free mailing to your list, and you are just as likely (probably more) to generate sales. Plus, a mailing list is good for a lot of other reasons. Ever heard of a backend? This is when you sell your customer one product and then over time after you are in communication with them, you sell them a much more expensive product.

Now, it is hard to sell somebody something high-priced right outrepparttar 109669 gate. So, if you build repore with them over time, each and every lead you have could be worth thousands of dollars in additional products.

Now, I can here you saying "But Scott, we already know this. I offer my traffic a newsletter (or something) every chance I get. I even have pop-up windows after they leave to try one last time to capture their email..."


Written by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

Today, free e-books are a dime a dozen.

Too many people are creating free e-books that tell yourepparttar same thing. Worse, most of them are trying to sell you something or are just trying to make you click on their affiliate links so they can make money off you.

Most free e-books contain articles you've seen dozens of times on other web sites or on popular article announcement lists.

And unless an e-book has something very unique and valuable to offer, it will be no different fromrepparttar 109653 thousands of free e-books already available for download.

In a way,repparttar 109654 novelty of free e-books has worn off.

More than year ago, I was creating one free e-book after another. They were great giveaways and they did drive traffic to my sites.

But that was a time when free e-books were not yet heavily used as viral marketing tools.

Sure, there were already hundreds of free e-books in circulation back then. However, take a look atrepparttar 109655 many e-zines and web sites today. What'srepparttar 109656 most common thing they offer?

A free e-book.

Creating and offering free e-books is now too common.

Many will still continue to create free e-books, but most of these e-books won't have an edge anymore.

So, while everyone else is creating free e-books left and right, take a different approach.

Create a free e-mail workshop, and let it distinguish your business, e-zine or web site fromrepparttar 109657 rest.

What's an e-mail workshop? It's a type of e-learning method. Instead of encompassing a wide area of study or learning, it is focused on a specific skill, and is aimed for a specific group of people.

Considerrepparttar 109658 advantages of creating an e-mail workshop instead of an e-book to promote yourself, your business, your e-zine or your site:

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