How to Gain a Good Self-Esteem - the Easy Way

Written by Carna Zacharias-Miller

Need more self-esteem? - I thought so.

Just about all of us would like to see some degree of improvement inrepparttar way we perceive ourselves. If only there was a magic pill that would make us feel bold, smart, rich, beautiful, and cute all atrepparttar 135021 same time. Yet, this priceless treasure called self-esteem seems to be elusive and volatile.

To make matters worse, everybody else seems to have it in abundance – so why can’t I just grab a big junk of it and hold on to it, at least until I have secured this great job/lover/win?

Well, there is a reason for this: self-esteem is not a single, solid “thing” one can chase down, obtain and possess. It is rather a fluid quality that evolves naturally, whenrepparttar 135022 obstructions that keep it from expanding are dissolved. These obstructions could be: traumatic (childhood) memories, bad habits, fears/phobias, performance anxiety, or a poor body image. In other words, it is usually not a single negative event or circumstance that doesrepparttar 135023 damage: It’srepparttar 135024 long-lasting, underlying, often hidden issues that erode our self-worth, often without our awareness.

O.K., there really is no magic pill to get rid of all these problems in a very short time, but there is something that comes pretty close: It is called EFT, and it is designed to take on everything that stands inrepparttar 135025 way of high self-esteem.

So, what is EFT? EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), developed by Gary Craig, is an emotional form of acupressure. You tap with your fingertips to stimulate certain meridian energy points on your body while you are “tuned in” to your problem. The cause of every negative emotion lies inrepparttar 135026 disruption ofrepparttar 135027 body’s energy system. EFT is usually rapid, long-lasting and gentle. No need for drugs or equipment. It is easily learned by anyone, children included.

Who's Got The Power In Your Life?

Written by Dave Cole

Have you ever attempted to do something and failed?

I'm not talking about something outside of your capabilities. I doubt that any of us could run a 4 minute mile or bench press 400 pounds.

What I'm talking about here is trying to do something within your capabilities. For instance, you join up with an online business then diligently followrepparttar instructions they give you on how to promote. Really give it your best shot.

But.....seems like things just aren't going right.

You're not getting nearrepparttar 126361 responses. And remember howrepparttar 126362 literature you read before joining said you could make thousands of dollars every month?

And, oh yeah....remember how easy they said it was going to be? That was right after they hit you with all those testimonials from folks who were already raking it in!

The folks who were living in huge, expensive houses and were now laying on some beach inrepparttar 126363 Bahamas with their laptops busily counting allrepparttar 126364 money they were making.

What went wrong?

Is your mind telling you things like: "I must be doing something wrong." or, "I guess it works for some people, but not for me.".....along with a hundred other litanies all containing expressions of self-doubt and thoughts that you, yourself are failing for whatever reason.

Think about that for a minute.

Andrepparttar 126365 next time you go to place your ads or give a business presentation: Are you first confronted by these memories of past discouragements?

What are these memories telling you? That perhaps you shouldn't have joined inrepparttar 126366 first place? Possibly they will be saying something like "There's no use in doing this, nobody will read it or respond to it anyway."

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