How to Format Your Email Newsletter

Written by Robert F. Abbott

When subscribersí email readers (programs) receive your text newsletter, they will display it in all kinds of ways. Not only are there different programs, but each one has several customization options.

One ofrepparttar problems arising out of this diversity is line length. In extreme cases, recipients will get one extremely long line for each paragraph, because their email programs have not wrappedrepparttar 138858 lines (ended each line after a specified number of characters and movedrepparttar 138859 text onto a new line). In other cases,repparttar 138860 lines may be too long for comfortable reading.

How do you deal with this? Opinions vary, again. Some publishers recommend you hitrepparttar 138861 RETURN key atrepparttar 138862 end of each line (hard returns), to make surerepparttar 138863 text wraps. Others advocate setting a line length (65 characters or less) inrepparttar 138864 Preferences section of your email program.

If you do use hard returns, use a fixed-space font like Courier or Monaco. That way you can simply set your margins to an appropriate line length and hitrepparttar 138865 return key atrepparttar 138866 end of each line. If you forget and use a variable-space font (like Arial or Times), your readers will get all kinds of variations, since many of them will use different fonts. You can also change your fonts back to something you like again after putting inrepparttar 138867 hard returns.

Apostrophes and quotation marks: Many of us use these symbols liberally when we write, and quite frankly they improverepparttar 138868 reading process. But, be sure you userepparttar 138869 appropriate versions of these marks, which means usingrepparttar 138870 straight foot and inch symbols, rather than curled apostrophes and quotation marks.

If you donít do this, some of your readers will get a message in which all apostrophes and quotation marks have disappeared. It will look like you donít know how to spell, or worse. Overcome this problem by usingrepparttar 138871 Find & Replace function in your word processing program to makerepparttar 138872 changes quickly and easily.

What Can AutoResponders Do That Will Save Me Hundreds Of Hours?

Written by James Mann

What Can AutoResponders Do That Will Save Me Hundreds Of Hours? by James Mann

First let me say there is absolutely nothing wrong with responding to your email manually. I have family, friends and associates that I communicate with allrepparttar time through email. Those emails require that personal touch.

What I am talking about isrepparttar 138811 request forrepparttar 138812 same information over and over. If I had 10,000 people emailing me askingrepparttar 138813 same questions I would go bonkers. I could go at it 24/7 and never get them all answered. So instead of wasting my time and those that want answers it is better to send information automatically.

I still really feel strong aboutrepparttar 138814 personal touch so I remain available through email and phone.

Online business needs to be fast and efficient because people today never stop and they want answers yesterday. If I can automate a process so that my prospects can receive immediate feedback to certain criteria then I am going to have happy customers and subscribers.

Autoresponders solverepparttar 138815 time issue by delivering immediate responses to click of your mouse. This is an Automated-Response can make yourepparttar 138816 hero of their day, plus it can free up hours that you spend responding manually. And that means I can go fishing. ------------------------------------------------

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