How to Find the Right Host for Your Web Site

Written by Andrew LaPointe

Developing a professional web presence requires a comprehensive strategy to ensure success. The most important element torepparttar overall success of your website is your hosting service. Your hosting service cannot guarantee your site will succeed, but it can surely devastate it. No matter what applications you use (streaming video, audio, discussion forums, etc.) or plug-ins (Flash and Shockwave), if your visitors cannot load your site within a few seconds your finished. Recent studies have shown that you only have 20 seconds to grab your visitor's attention. The longer it takes your site to go from download-to-live,repparttar 134449 less time you have to retain your visitors. Remember, your competition is only one click away. The best way to choose a web hosting company is to follow these six suggestions. Remember, selectingrepparttar 134450 right web hosting company is vital to your success onrepparttar 134451 Internet.

Determine how much disk storage space and how much monthly data transfer your site requires? Disk storage space refers torepparttar 134452 amount of server space allocated to your account. The files that make up your website are stored in your storage space. These files include your html files, audio/video, graphics, etc. The data transfer is how much data your site transmits each month. Generally, data transfer includes any outbound traffic from your site, withrepparttar 134453 exception of e-mails. In general an average HIT is about 10K. This would mean that a monthly data transfer account of 2.0 Gigabyte would allow approximately 200,000 hits. Remember, if your data transfer rate is higher thanrepparttar 134454 amount allocated by your hosting company you will have to pay for any extra data transfer.

How should you Host? There are three different ways to host your site. The three ways are shared hosting, dedicated hosting and colocated hosting. Shared hosting means that your site is positioned among other "websites" on a single machine. This type of hosting is usually adequate forrepparttar 134455 majority of "text-n-gif" sites. Dedicated hosting refers to your own dedicated machine. As you add more interactive elements to your site, you may want to consider a dedicated host. The final is a colocated server. You ownrepparttar 134456 server, but it is located in your host's facility. You choserepparttar 134457 bandwidth and your host providesrepparttar 134458 access.

How To Choose Your Web Host

Written by Said Rouhani

Ask any Internet entrepreneur whatrepparttar most important decision they had to make for their Web site was, and chances are pretty good they'll say:

"choosing my Web host".

Here arerepparttar 134448 most important things you need to ask your potential Web host before you part with your hard earned cash.

1. "How long have you been in business?"

Very important, as Web hosting is a business that requires a lot of technical experience. It is very high tech, and a new company might not have hadrepparttar 134449 time to get accustomed to all repparttar 134450 many different technologies you'll be using for your Web site.

2. "Who are your customers?"

Are their current customers serious business people or just hobby Webmasters with personal homepages? Ask for some URLs of serious ecommerce sites that they host.

3. "Do you provide live 24x7x365 support?"

You will definitely require support from your Web host from time to time. Questions will arise that you'll need answers to. Sometimes you'll need these answers as soon as possible, or even immediately. A good Web host must have 24 hour support staff available on hand to take your emails and calls. Your emails should be responded to within 1-2 hours max.

4. "Do you guarantee 99% uptime?"

No matter how good a Web host, your site will be unavailable for short periods of times due to routine maintenance work. The best Web hosts however offer a money back guarantee in case your Web site isn't up 99% ofrepparttar 134451 time (overrepparttar 134452 period of one year usually).

5. "What kind of Internet connection do you have?"

You need a fast connection from your Web site torepparttar 134453 Internet. The fastest connections are leased lines (includes T-1, T-3, OC-3 and DS-3). You should be looking for a Web host with leased lines. No leased lines? Simply look for another Web host.

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