How to Find a Good Content Writer

Written by Heather Reimer

More and more writers are piling ontorepparttar web to offer you their expert writing services. But are they really experts?

Here's how to tell ifrepparttar 129386 copywriter or content writer you're considering hasrepparttar 129387 "write" stuff:

1. What credentials do they bring torepparttar 129388 job? Find out if they have an appropriate background like journalism, advertising or public relations.

2. How many years of writing experience do they have? Look for someone with a portfolio that goes back before there was an Internet.

3. Does their own website meet your standards for well-written content? If it's riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes or seems unclear, you know you're dealing with a wanna-be and not a pro.

The Internet ... A Writer's Paradise

Written by John Colanzi

I shake my head and wonder why more marketers aren't writing. The internet has made it possible for anyone to spill their thoughts ontorepparttar screen.

It doesn't take a genius or tons of talent. It just takes patience and persistence.

When I started writing, I wasrepparttar 129384 worst writer that ever lived. I still can't believe I was crazy enough to send out some of those early articles.

If it wasn't forrepparttar 129385 freedom ofrepparttar 129386 net, I would have been dead inrepparttar 129387 water. No editor would have ever published my ghastly ramblings.

Luckily it was my ezine and I could practice and learn. With only 300 subscribers I had nothing to lose.

Eventually I started becoming readable. Not very good just readable.

My good friendrepparttar 129388 internet let me keep plodding along.

Now after tons of practice and learning, I can consider myself a writer. I can't even conceive of doing anything else.

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