How to Find Out What Your Web Surfer Prospects Want

Written by Rafael Aguilo

Who wouldn't love to have a crystal ball to see repparttar future? Can you imagine an easier life as an Internet Marketer if you knew before hand what your prospects are looking for?

Instead of "pushing" pages,and see what "sticks", you'd concentrate your efforts on developing Web pages they WANT to READ! Web pages containing information RELEVANT to what they're LOOKING for!

Wouldn't sales be easier this way?

You BET! Here's a set of free tools that will help you do just that.

Here's Your Own Internet "Intelli-Marketing" Tool Kit.

Just likerepparttar 119398 NSA (National Security Agency), I gather "Intelligence" to help me give visitors to my Website what they ARE LOOKING FOR! I use a set of FREE tools I call My Internet "Intelli-Marketing" Kit.

I use it with great results; and so can you!

But first, lets suppose you ALREADY have a product you want sell. How do you use these tools to help you?

Let me show you how easy it is!

One ofrepparttar 119399 most popular search words is: FREE. Using repparttar 119400 "tools", you'll be able to find out allrepparttar 119401 search term combinations that userepparttar 119402 word FREE.


Free Help Free Internet Access Free Pictures Free Information

Gotrepparttar 119403 picture?

When you find a combination of search terms that could apply to your particular product, create an Information Web Page using these terms as a basis.

For example:

You want to sell a product that helps people stop smoking.

Instead of pushingrepparttar 119404 product (likerepparttar 119405 majority of people would do) you can create a FREE Report(information) Page that gives people VALUABLE FREE Information about repparttar 119406 life threatening risks of smoking, and How To Stop.

Some additional Keywords you'd look for would be: cancer, lungs, nicotine, addiction, health, and so forth.

This free information page would then help bring targeted prospects to your product's sales page.

Here's an online example:

Now...Time to Build Your "Kit".


"Keyword Live" is a great, easy to use program that opens up a whole new way of looking at online keyword activity.

Since it is 'Live', you have an opportunity to look at searches not in justrepparttar 119407 scope of what people do on average overrepparttar 119408 last week, but what they do on Mondays, or what they do during business hours, or what they do at 7pm at night.

Keyword Live is available free at:

Via EMail:

You can subscribe to Free EMail Keyword Reports. They furnish you with a report onrepparttar 119409 most used keywords and search terms. Both are FREE.

A Guide to Better Link Popularity

Written by John Buchanan

Overrepparttar past year or two, one thing has become extremely clear...the need for link popularity. Every major engine weighs repparttar 119397 link popularity of sites heavily when ranking sites. At least one major engine even claims they won't index sites that don't have at least one link pointing to them from another site.

Unfortunately, building link popularity can be one ofrepparttar 119398 most challenging aspects of search engine promotion. It's tedious, boring, extremely time consuming, and ABSOLUTELY essential.

That being said, let's go over some things you should and shouldn't do when beginning your link popularity campaign.

We'll start first withrepparttar 119399 "shouldn't" list so we can get those out ofrepparttar 119400 way and focus on what will actually work.

*Don't bother with FFA pages. They worked at one time but now most engines have learned to filter out FFA pages, and even if they don't your link will most probably rotate offrepparttar 119401 results page in a matter of minutes, but you can guarantee that your email address will remain in their database for YEARS.

*Don't join link farms. These were a good idea once as well, but have come under heavy fire byrepparttar 119402 engines overrepparttar 119403 past year.

*Don't use hidden links withrepparttar 119404 goal of building your link popularity. I'm ofrepparttar 119405 opinion that one or two throughout a site is no big deal, but don't go overboard with them.

*Don't use free classifieds to get your URL out there. You are just asking to receive mass amounts of junk mail. that we know some ofrepparttar 119406 things NOT to do, let's get down to some things that you can do to build your link popularity.

*The first thing you should do is to get your site listed inrepparttar 119407 "Big 3" directories. Those are Yahoo, LookSmart, andrepparttar 119408 ODP. Yes, Yahoo and LookSmart are expensive (even more so since their recent price increases), but one link from each of them can go a long way in boosting your link popularity.

*Next you should concentrate on finding sites that are of a similar nature to yours and approach them about linking to you. Stay away from off-topic sites. Links from sites ofrepparttar 119409 same theme as yours help to reinforce your theme and further help in boosting your search engine rankings. Be creative in your thinking. Attempt to develop a list of allrepparttar 119410 different types of sites that relate to yours. Once you have this list you can then begin to search for those specific types of sites.

*Create a link page listing all ofrepparttar 119411 sites that you wish to link to you. By linking torepparttar 119412 sites you are going to be contacting first, they will be more likely to link back to you when you contact them.

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