How to Find, Select, and Afford a Wedding Photographer

Written by Dain H. Binder

You are engaged and one ofrepparttar most important days in your life is fast approaching. Your wedding day will be filled with happiness and emotion. Family and friends will be there; some you have not seen in many years. It will be a wonderful day for you to remember and share. There will be so many things going on of which most you will not even know about until you look atrepparttar 135242 wedding photographs.

Choosing a photographer may be a difficult and daunting task; and affording it may be even more cumbersome. You may be apt to ask a friend or relative to photograph it for you; this is surely to be a bad idea for many reasons. A professional wedding photographer knows how to capture allrepparttar 135243 moments of your wedding day withrepparttar 135244 best results by having years of experience and photography knowledge.

Finding a wedding photographer is not difficult because there are so many. There are many ways to go about finding one and many things you should know. The best way of course is to be referred from another wedding couple that recently had their wedding photographed by a specific photographer. Notice I said “photographer” not business or studio. Your decision should be based off of one photographer’s work; notrepparttar 135245 work of a group or large wedding photography studio with multiple photographers. Always check who will be photographing your wedding.

There are many other ways to find wedding photographers includingrepparttar 135246 phone book, newspapers, billboards, and of courserepparttar 135247 internet. Over 70% of all brides and grooms search for wedding professionals online. There are a few things you should know about searching onrepparttar 135248 internet.

Take your time - The first photographers you will find are mostly because of large advertising budgets. This is not a bad thing but you should see all options available to you.

Be specific - When using a search engine search for your “state” and “professional wedding photographer”. Your search may look like this: Massachusetts “professional wedding photographer”. (Use everything that is italicized.) The part in quotes will eliminate all general photographers and just focus on wedding ones. You could even add your city/town for just local results. (Addrepparttar 135249 town afterrepparttar 135250 state; do not put inrepparttar 135251 quoted part.) I recommend using Google (

Ok, so know you know how to find a wedding photographer. Now which one to choose? There are three primary factors that come into play when choosing a photographer; style, price, and personality. Style and price can usually be found on their website so we will start there.

Style – There are many styles such as traditional, photojournalism, candid, formal, etc. Some photographers offer only one style, butrepparttar 135252 best photographers can offer all ofrepparttar 135253 styles and would normally incorporate them all into your wedding day coverage. It all depends on what you want. When viewing a photographer’s portfolio, remember these are their best shots. Always ask to see a full wedding.

Price – You can spend from $500 to $10,000 on a wedding photographer. The norm is to spend about 10% of your entire wedding budget onrepparttar 135254 photographer. Most photographers have packages that will include everything fromrepparttar 135255 coverage torepparttar 135256 album and final prints. Some photographers have complete al la carte pricing; if you are on a small budget this isrepparttar 135257 best way to go. You will be able select just what you want. There are two things you need,repparttar 135258 coverage andrepparttar 135259 ability to purchaserepparttar 135260 negatives or high resolution digital images. Watch out withrepparttar 135261 coverage; many photographers will charge an hourly fee beyond their normal time offered. When you receive your negatives or digitals images you can print what you want when you want wherever you like. Of course as a professional I recommend using a professional photography lab for your prints but you could certainly use Wal-Mart and save a bundle. Just keep in mind thatrepparttar 135262 quality would be slightly lower. As for your wedding album buy it yourself and put it together yourself. The cost of buying an album fromrepparttar 135263 photographer is usually doublerepparttar 135264 actual cost. Then of course doing it this way you can get it when you want and when you haverepparttar 135265 money. Visit to view many albums and you can purchase them right online.

Is This The One?

Written by Skye Thomas

Isn't thatrepparttar million dollar question? How can I tell if this isrepparttar 122079 one? Is this one my soulmate? How will I know when I findrepparttar 122080 right one? There is no magic answer, but I can tell you what seems to work. I asked a psychic one time if a certain person was my soulmate. His answer, "If you have to ask, then he's notrepparttar 122081 one." He went on to explain that with soulmates no matter how good or bad a day you have together, you wake up inrepparttar 122082 morning knowing without a doubt that this isrepparttar 122083 one and you go to bed at night knowing without a doubt that this isrepparttar 122084 one. Nothing that happens in between those two points can change your mind.

Whenever I find happily married couples in their fifties or older who have been married for most of their lives to each other, I always ask them, "How did you know this wasrepparttar 122085 one?" Every single one ofrepparttar 122086 men answeredrepparttar 122087 same way. They all said thatrepparttar 122088 first time they laid eyes onrepparttar 122089 girl, they knew in that moment that they would eventually propose to her. For every one of those men it was love at first sight. "But why that one? What made you fall in love with that particular woman at first glance?" Each one answers differently, but they all have a vague unanswerable quality thatrepparttar 122090 guy just knew she was it before they even knew whatrepparttar 122091 girl's name was.

The women all said they thoughtrepparttar 122092 guy was nice enough, just okay, or a little goofy but not too bad. None ofrepparttar 122093 women fell head over heels right away. The women were all living a happy upbeat life and were not really searching for a husband whenrepparttar 122094 guy came along. That may be a big part ofrepparttar 122095 mystique that these women created. They were not needy nor desperate. Truth be told all ofrepparttar 122096 lifetime happily married women I know are very strong and independent, but loyal and loving women. None of them are nags nor codependent types.

The thing that all of these couples have in common is thatrepparttar 122097 each one was relatively happy and mentally healthy going about their lives, their goals, and their dreams. All of them planned to some day fall in love and get married to one person for life but none were attached to a soulmate type concept or ideal. None of these people were sexually loose but they weren't complete prudes either. They chose not to sleep around because they had a strong sense of self-respect. Some had religious beliefs that added torepparttar 122098 dynamic and others did not. All were of a mindset that you simply didn't whore around forrepparttar 122099 heck of it.

In all cases,repparttar 122100 man chasedrepparttar 122101 woman. You have to rememberrepparttar 122102 deep underlying needs ofrepparttar 122103 male and females of our species. The man must hunt and conquer. If she's too easy to catch, then there must be something wrong with her. Right or wrong, men have a very deep down need to 'win'repparttar 122104 girl. They were all upbeat, bright, kind, loving women with full happy lives of their own. None ofrepparttar 122105 women were pushovers and none ofrepparttar 122106 women were easy to 'win.' It was always love at first sight onrepparttar 122107 man's end, but not onrepparttar 122108 woman's. The women were not cold and unapproachable, sorepparttar 122109 men were able to charm them and 'win' them over. All of these relationships had at least a two-year courtship and engagement period. Their eyes were wide open when they said, "I do."

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