How to Fight Spyware

Written by Gary Gresham

If you are wondering how to fight spyware for safe web surfing, this Internet privacy article will answer some of your questions. By now you have probably heard aboutrepparttar dangers of spyware. Spyware has become so common, it has now moved ahead of viruses asrepparttar 139186 number one danger facing computer users today. But with these safe web surfing tips you can learn how to fight spyware. Anything you download fromrepparttar 139187 Internet is a potential threat but a few types of downloads are particularly notorious for infecting your computer with spyware and adware. Music file-sharing programs used to trade music are a major problem. Other downloads like free games, screen savers, and even smiley face packages are usually loaded with adware. Be aware of any product that claims to be free because it's very possible thatrepparttar 139188 publisher generates revenue from sources like pop up ads while you surf. Also quickly look atrepparttar 139189 end-user license agreement that comes with a download. Duringrepparttar 139190 installation process you're asked to check a box to indicate that you agree withrepparttar 139191 terms. Although very few people ever read these, you may get clues that spyware and adware are part ofrepparttar 139192 download. If you see third-party software, anything ad-supported or if you are asked to agree to multiple end-user license agreements, cancelrepparttar 139193 installation process. This is almost a sure sign that ads will pop up and your safe web surfing will become history.

MicroWorld releases new version of MailScan Ver. 4.5 - the antivirus and content security software for mail servers.

Written by MicroWorld Technologies Inc.

Michigan - May 20, 2005 - MicroWorld Technologies, Inc.repparttar leading solutions provider inrepparttar 139185 area of Anti-virus and Content security, has announcedrepparttar 139186 launch of its new version of MailScan Ver. 4.5,repparttar 139187 antivirus and content security software for mail servers.

The new version of MailScan provides additional security features to allow users to monitorrepparttar 139188 TCP connections on their systems, and use enhanced Anti-SPAM control to fight SPAM.

The new security feature interface displays allrepparttar 139189 active TCP connections to your computer. It lists information aboutrepparttar 139190 processes, protocols, local addresses, remote addresses and Process Status onrepparttar 139191 computer. It allows you to identify any unauthorized access to your mail server and take effective counter measures to safeguard your system.

MailScan 4.5 providesrepparttar 139192 user with real time access to Relay Blackhole List at for IPs of known Spammers. The site maintains active real-time Blackhole list that you can use to verify if any IP that connects to your MailServer is listed as that of a known Spammer, and take appropriate action.

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