How to Exchange Links with other Sites

Written by John Lynch

How to Exchange links with other Sites

As a result of search engine changes, linking with other sites is becoming an increasingly iportant way to generate traffic to your website. Links done properly will repayrepparttar effort and not be subject torepparttar 105619 whims ofrepparttar 105620 search engines. No more need to be concerned unduly about algorithmn changes andrepparttar 105621 "Google dance".

Why have a Links Page ?

A links page should give your visitors a choice of quality information and resources, not just a web page to improve your search engine rankings. Quality information on a links page isrepparttar 105622 best long-term strategy to improve search engine ranking.

Search engines are becoming very sophisticated and realise that many sites are putting up links merely to improve their rankings. Always exchange links with web sites that are connected with your site's theme.

How Do you Find Link Exchange Partners?

One way is to go torepparttar 105623 search engines and look for sites that are compatible with your own. Sendrepparttar 105624 webmaster an email requesting requesting a link or phone him or her personally.

An easier way is to register withrepparttar 105625 SiteSell free link exchange program which will give you quality links and save you a lot of time. To register free forrepparttar 105626 SiteSell link exchange program go to :

9 Hot Tips for Linking with other Web Sites

Written by Gareth Davies

If you have a websiterepparttar chances are you receive e-mails from Webmasters asking you to make a link exchange with them. But how do you know whether you should link to their website or not? Well here are 9 rules of thumb, to help guide you throughrepparttar 105618 linking maze.

1. Is their site relevant to yours?

This is key, and more and more important these days. Ifrepparttar 105619 answer is YES then it’s worth thinking about. If it’s off topic then you may want to think twice before swapping links. A link from a relevant website to your site isrepparttar 105620 preferred choice as it can help reinforce your website theme and potentially send some useful traffic your way.

2. How many links is too many on a links page?

When your link is being placed on another website, you ideally want that page to contain as few outbound links as possible. 15 or less outbound links is good, 150 outbound links is not so good. If there are a high number of links on a page [such as 150] thenrepparttar 105621 value of each link out is weakened. Whilst we can only make assumptions about ‘link weight’ some Webmasters will use a cut off point of 50, 75 or even 100 links on a page as a top end maximum. Anything over 50 outbound links on an average resources page is certainly quite high. However if your link will appear onrepparttar 105622 page of a good quality site or ‘authority website’ an exchange can still be worthwhile.

3. What isrepparttar 105623 Page Rank ofrepparttar 105624 site on Google?

Some webmasters focus a lot on Google’s page rank as a measure of a website. If you download and installrepparttar 105625 Google toolbar you will see a measure of 1 to 10 shown via a horizontal bar for each site you are on. Typicallyrepparttar 105626 higherrepparttar 105627 page rank,repparttar 105628 more important a site is perceived to be. A link from a Pr 5 page is often seen as a more powerful link than one from a Pr1 page. However, Google’s Page Rank is only meant to be a rough guide and should not be taken too seriously. Tip one should always preside - a relevant link is always what you want.

4. Shouldrepparttar 105629 links page be categorized?

Personally I prefer a well organised links page. If your citing a resource in context of an article you would link fromrepparttar 105630 paragraph, but forrepparttar 105631 purposes of resource links it is a good idea to organise your pages into relevant themes relating to your website and business. Ifrepparttar 105632 site containingrepparttar 105633 link you are being offered is placed on a page with 200 links all mixed up and covering every topic underrepparttar 105634 sun, then it’s not ideal. If you’re an online shop selling Art Prints should you really be onrepparttar 105635 same links page as Hosting Companies and Travel Agents? Makerepparttar 105636 effort to organise your resource pages, even if some link partners don't.

5. Isrepparttar 105637 links page being read by search engines?

It is important thatrepparttar 105638 page your link is on can be found and read by search engines. The page should be no more than 2-3 clicks away fromrepparttar 105639 homepage. You can even test ifrepparttar 105640 web page is inrepparttar 105641 Google index by visiting and typing intorepparttar 105642 search bar cache: withrepparttar 105643 full domain and page name extension after it. So your query inrepparttar 105644 Google search bar could read: The page should then show inrepparttar 105645 Google index. If it does not then there are a couple of possibilities. 1/ The page is very new and hasn’t been crawled yet or 2/repparttar 105646 site has a problem being crawled by search engines due to poor internal linking.

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