How to Earn $60,000+ a Year with Permission Email Marketing

Written by Jodi Hans-McMillan

To be frank, $60,000 a year with permission email marketing is conservative. Had you been part of this program 3 months ago you could have made $23,750 in just two weeks. I'll show you how below.

Permission email marketing isrepparttar most powerful and profitable way to create a consistent source of income onrepparttar 127285 internet.

Amazon uses it. Microsoft uses it. Sharper Image and Motorola use it. Even IBM and The Wall Street Journal are using it!

Anyone can follow my simple PE strategy from beginning to end in one sitting and begin earning money with permission email marketing. It isrepparttar 127286 same strategy online marketing guru's are using to rake in tens of thousands of dollars within a few short weeks. This isn't a pie inrepparttar 127287 sky promise. It's a fact. If you're willing to be patience and make a sincere effort, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can do!

Ready? Ok, let's begin...


Generally speaking, permission email marketing is email marketing which utilizes an opt-in list of names and email addresses of people who have requested information from you.

(An "opt-in" is a prospect who has requested free information or signed up for a free service you provide.)

Marketers use their opt-in email list to create an ongoing and consistent source of high income by first CULTIVATINGrepparttar 127288 list.

CULTIVATINGrepparttar 127289 opt-in email list establishes an ongoing relationship with your subscribers because you will be sending, via email, highly desirable and FREE information.

The information you offer will teachrepparttar 127290 subscriber something of value. You,repparttar 127291 marketer, will make money when you occasionally endorse a new product torepparttar 127292 list.

Over timerepparttar 127293 people onrepparttar 127294 opt-in email list become familiar with you and grow to trust you.

Having built such trust, whenrepparttar 127295 time comes for you to endorse a product torepparttar 127296 list, you can reasonably expect to produce anywhere from 10% to 40% in sales.

The more times you have communicated with your subscribers andrepparttar 127297 more valuerepparttar 127298 information received offers, repparttar 127299 greater expectation there is of a higher percentage of sales.

Remember this one simple FACT and you will not fail to earn a remarkable income as a permission email marketer:

**People are 1000% more likely to buy based onrepparttar 127300 recommendation of someone they TRUST than from a complete stranger**


Let me give you an EXAMPLE ofrepparttar 127301 power of a well done "Permission Email Marketing" campaign andrepparttar 127302 profits that can result from such an effort.

In 1999, Mark Provo of Provo & Gladwell Associates developed a hot new software product. The associates hired a web developer to create a web site and place it prominently onrepparttar 127303 major search engines. However, only a few orders trickled in each week. To speed things up they spammed 1,000,000 random email addresses.

The emailing produced less than $100 in sales and generated a landslide of not-so-nice responses.

It was a dreadful disappointment.

However, on another occasion Mark emailedrepparttar 127304 same ad to his own in-house, opt-in email list of 8,000 people. These were people who had purchased products from him before or who had, at one time or another, requested more information about other products and services.

Mark had an established relationship withrepparttar 127305 people on his list. Over time he had CULTIVATED his list by sending out free tips and valuable information. Those on his opt-in list benefited from these emailings and learned to trust him andrepparttar 127306 advice he gave.

The end result of emailing his ad to his in-house, opt-in list was a whopping $190,000 in sales and zero complaints -- all within three weeks! People on his personally cultivated, opt-in email list trusted him and in no time at all, he made a small fortune and he continues to do so to this day.

As for yourself, consider this:

If you had a high-demand product, your own in-house list of 1,000 opt-in email subscribers, and sentrepparttar 127307 same email ad, you could very well have made $23,750 in just three weeks.

And just think about it forrepparttar 127308 long term! If you have your own opt-in email list of 1,000 subscribers, and only 20% ofrepparttar 127309 people make $300 in purchases per year, your income would be $60,000.

If your opt-in email list had 2,000 subscribers and 20% purchased $300 in products per year, your income would skyrocket to $120,000 annually!

Getrepparttar 127310 picture?


Next, you'll need to build TRUST with those on your email list by offering them FREE information of real value.

Finally, endorse products of equally real value and you could kiss your money worries good-bye tonight.

AS YOU CONTINUE READING, you will learn how to acquire pre-cultivated, opt-in email list, a free, pre-written newsletter you can use to send to your opt-in email list to continue building TRUST.

Plus you will learn where to get free products with high value... all for FREE! Additionally, you will learn to work only 30 minutes a week and be in a position to earn $60,000 a year or more.

However, let's not get ahead of ourselves. I want to be thorough and explain to you an important detail you must understand about CULTIVATION before attempting this strategy.


Written by Bob McElwain

A top type sales person can subtract themself fromrepparttar scene while approaching a potential customer, smile, offer a hand, and in this, beginrepparttar 127284 selling task. Their preferences, views, attitudes, values, even their ego, are safely tucked out ofrepparttar 127285 way. Nothing is allowed to interfere withrepparttar 127286 task of understandingrepparttar 127287 customer and fulfilling their needs.

Most small business people find it difficult to manage this well. In a shop, a smile and an offered hand, maybe. But even this is denied when you own an online business. You have only your site upon which to demonstrate your credibility and expertise. And words arerepparttar 127288 most effective tool you have at your disposal.

Build A Professional Image

To makerepparttar 127289 words work, consciously build a business self. A person who rises above or stands aside from bothersome negatives present in day to day living. Got a temper? Bury it. Want to argue? Don't. Are you one who believes deeply about things? Forget those convictions not related to doing business.

The latter can be particularly hard to do. If you favor your religion over others, your convictions must not be revealed on your site. Many will disagree, which is counterproductive. If you can't abide children, never let it show. There are an endless list of notions such as these that simply must be set aside in running a business.

Once you have defined that part of yourself you are willing to share with others, never depart from this definition, even momentarily.

Avoid The Risk Of Negatives

The above may seem harsh. I can picture many business people I know saying this isn't so. They takerepparttar 127290 position that its sufficient to let yourself shine through. Unfortunately, they are wrong.

We can't risk anything that may appear other than positive to our visitors. In short, we must always put our best foot forward. Always take care not to offend. Some of our convictions must be restrained, and never be allowed to "shine through."

Your religious, ethnic, and nationalistic convictions have no place in business. If you can't grasp this easily, ask yourself if you are willing to share your sexual convictions on your website. Or your attitudes towardrepparttar 127291 opposite sex.

A Disasterous Example

Years back I was gathered with about a dozen fellow teachers sharing our lunch break. Devoted brown-baggers, we had at least this in common. Groups were clustered here and there deeply involved in solving their vision of world problems. Two women were sharing cat stories.

Abruptly one teacher said torepparttar 127292 group as a whole. "I hate cats. When I'm driving, I try to hit them."

The silence as they say was deafening. The two women who had been chatting about cats tossed a steady stream of angry darts with their eyes.

I think this was aboutrepparttar 127293 dumbest thing I've ever heard a person say. And I said so. The fellow glowered at me for a time, then leftrepparttar 127294 room. He was substituting atrepparttar 127295 school forrepparttar 127296 day. I've always wondered if maybe it was such opinions, freely voiced, that prevented him from finding a permanent position.

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