"How to Earn $19 a Month From Every Subscriber to YOUR newsletter!"

Written by Wayne Ford

I bet you would have never guessed it, but people are bringing in huge profits by charging for subscriptions to their newsletter! Here's how...

Offering a free newsletter or ezine on your web site's topic of interest is one ofrepparttar best ways to generate traffic to your site and a build a reputation as an expert. But why give something away when you can get paid for it? Print publications charge a yearly subscription fee, why can't you dorepparttar 109075 same for your ezine?

You can and it is possible for a paid-subscription ezine to be extremely profitable. But withrepparttar 109076 Internet swamped with free ezines on just about every topic imaginable how do you convince people to pay for yours?

Most ezine publishers are able to make enough money from promoting affiliate programs and selling advertising in their publication that charging subscribers seems silly. They don't want to limit their potential customers.

But done correctly you can make more profit with fewer subscribers with a paid subscription ezine. The key is extremely valuable content. If something is really of value to a person, they will pay for it. To create extremely valuable content you must dorepparttar 109077 following:

- Become a complete expert on your topic and be able to write original and exclusive articles for your ezine.

- Offer your subscribers information they cannot find anywhere else.

- Network with others in your field to get 'inside' information first and berepparttar 109078 first to tell your subscribers about it. Speed can be a very valuable thing.

You may also consider offering payment for hot tips/insider secrets/ideas to share with your subscribers. If you show your subscribers you are investing for a quality publication it helps validaterepparttar 109079 subscription cost.

Old Meets New in the Web Store Business Plan

Written by David Johnson

E-commerce may be revolutionizingrepparttar wayrepparttar 109074 world does business, but it shouldn’t change your approach to writing a business plan. Whether you’re starting a Web store from scratch or taking an existing outfit online,repparttar 109075 basic elements of your business plan will be no different from a traditional small-business plan.

Those basic elements, according torepparttar 109076 Small Business Administration, are a description ofrepparttar 109077 business, a marketing plan, a management plan and a financial plan. Consider each element inrepparttar 109078 context of a Web store and you’ll develop a business plan that can’t lose. Here are some tips to get you started:

Business Description Definerepparttar 109079 products and services you’ll be selling online and evaluate your strengths against online and offline competition. Describe your Web store content —repparttar 109080 information on your site that merchandises your product or service. Exactly what kind of content do you expect to provide, and how will it relate to your product or service?

Marketing Plan Clearly define your target customers, and definerepparttar 109081 advertising and sales plans required to reach them. As you formulate your marketing strategy, considerrepparttar 109082 online surfing and shopping habits — as well asrepparttar 109083 general usability concerns — of your customer base. For example, what Internet technologies (browser brands and versions, connection speeds, etc.) do your customers probably use? Do they want community features, such as message boards and live chat? Are they open to “push” marketing, such as e-mail promotions and newsletters? (Find out more by visiting www.workz.com/attract/home.asp.)

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