How to "Disguise" Your Sales Letters Online

Written by Andrew Clacy

How to “Disguise” Your Sales Letters Online

The Internet is known asrepparttar “Information Super Highway” and that’s a term that every Internetmarketer should know by heart. Why? People log ontorepparttar 108034 Internet to get information,not to be sold. Many people online are turned off at anything thatresembles advertising. They completely ignore banner ads. And they're using that “pop-up” blocking softwarelike crazy to stop pop-up window ads altogether. So what’s an Internet marketer to do? Well, here’s an idea: Write books, articles and special reports. Writing books, articles, and special reports as apromotional device isn't new. Businesses have been doing it for years. Knowing that people likeinformation, coming out with an information product is a proven way to build credibility for your servicewhile also promoting it. Online, this technique has never been more powerful. Think of what your prospects and customers want to doand why they come to you. Then pick some aspect ofthat subject and turn it into a special report. For example, a tax attorney could write a reporttitled “10 ways to find hidden deductions in yourbusiness”. A florist might write a report on “How to pick outrepparttar 108035 right flowers forrepparttar 108036 right occasion”. The idea is to create a benefit-rich short articlethat people will want to read. And when they read it,they’ll think you’rerepparttar 108037 expert just because you wroteit, andrepparttar 108038 examples in it just happen to plug your

Your Article is Being Used Without a Resource Box - What Can You Do?

Written by Francisco Aloy

Your Article is Being Used Without a Resource Box - What can you do?

Sooner or later, no matter how much you hate it, some Webmaster is going to use your article and won't include your resource box. Another common practice is that of replacing your HTML link with a text link. Funny thing, when you submittedrepparttar article, it had a HTML link!

Before jumpingrepparttar 108033 gun and coming down hard onrepparttar 108034 offending Webmaster, take time to think. There are many reasons for somebody to do that. It could be lack of experience or ignorance;repparttar 108035 feelingrepparttar 108036 Web is so big they'll never get caught. Maybe there was something in your resource box they didn't like.

Some Webmasters might feel that your resource box is more of an advertisement than an "Aboutrepparttar 108037 Author" box. It still doesn't make it right and they should contact you to make modifications. I know most Authors would find a way to accommodate such a request; all you got to do is ask! Thanks to Janet Attard of for pointing that out.

Of course, there are plenty of slick reasons experienced Webmasters won't post your resource box or include a real HTML link. Some feel that giving you a real HTML link will "dilute" their Google Page Rank.

The irony is that most articles are usually placed on a web page with zero ranking! Likerepparttar 108038 song says: "Nothing from nothing leaves nothing." I wish one of those Webmasters would explainrepparttar 108039 steps taken to arrive at such obviously faulty logic sure does escape me! Allrepparttar 108040 same, how should you deal with it? Anybody can make a mistake. Is there a sensible course of action that will getrepparttar 108041 best results? At what point shouldrepparttar 108042 varied responses escalate torepparttar 108043 next level; what isrepparttar 108044 criteria?

The considerations to resolve your next step are these:

(a) How much damage hasrepparttar 108045 unauthorized use of your content done to you? For example, if a Webmaster tookrepparttar 108046 content of your index page, that could be considered an action of great damage and require swift and unequivocal action on your part.

Should they take non-essential content, such as your privacy and contact statement, don't sweat it! The content and language used is so generic and commonplace that it will never dilute your Page Ranking on account of duplicate content.

Another thing to consider isrepparttar 108047 amount of time wasted in dealing withrepparttar 108048 matter. Some article writers expect a certain amount of their work pilfered and misused. They consider it a cost of doing business.

(b) Arerepparttar 108049 offending Webmasters willing to fixrepparttar 108050 problem? Are they easy to contact or are they hiding and ignoring you? What degree of communication have you received since your initial contact? Are they blatantly stonewalling you?

A sure sign of their strong-arm attitude isrepparttar 108051 lack of a privacy and contact statement. It leaves you no choice but to use Whois and do a domain search. Of course, they may never read your email. When wasrepparttar 108052 last time you looked for any email coming from your domain contact info?

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