How to Develop a Successful ROI for Your Website

Written by By Michael Murray, VP of Fathom SEO

Are You Really Measuring for Return on Investment (ROI) with Search Engine Optimization?

Puzzling studies and reports suggest that businesses are missing out when it comes to ROI, including a whole host of metrics that should confirm or shape search engine marketing strategies.

You can’t accomplish much if you’re not even implementing SEOrepparttar right way. We’ve seen web site after web site that includes scores of individual keywords inrepparttar 134996 META keyword set (that many search engines ignore anyway). The SEO team not only usedrepparttar 134997 wrong individual keywords (search phrases are better), but they didn’t bother to include keywords inrepparttar 134998 page title or description. And, of course, they didn’t think it was worth their time to focus on multiple pages– not justrepparttar 134999 homepage.

Hint: If you’re selling dinnerware, “laundry” probably shouldn’t be one of your keywords.

A WebTrends report cited in an eMarketer in 2004 showedrepparttar 135000 following ROI:

Using Complete ROI analysis35.4% Click-through rates only24.2% Conversion metrics18.7% Don't measure21.7%

Barely one third figured a thorough ROI analysis was worthrepparttar 135001 effort.

More than 80% of companies surveyed are dissatisfied with their “ability to benchmark their marketing programs,” according to “Measures + Metrics: Assessing Marketing Value + Impact,” a stunning report based on a 2004 survey byrepparttar 135002 CMO Council, a Palo Alto, California-based organization. The CMO Council represents senior marketing and brand decision-makers inrepparttar 135003 global technology industry.

“Less than 20% have developed any meaningful and comprehensive measures and metrics for their marketing organizations,”repparttar 135004 report said.

It’s possible, Fathom SEO believes, that companies just settle for what’s easiest. If getting high rankings offers enough satisfaction, that’s whererepparttar 135005 measurement ends. Or, maybe a business will look at total traffic (maybe even unique visitor trends). With PPC, they’re apt to take up Google’s offer and post an ad within 15 minutes, cranking outrepparttar 135006 common reports Google offers. Businesses have a whole host of metrics that can serve them as long asrepparttar 135007 data doesn’t fly over their heads.

Successful Search Engine Positioning

Written by Alex Evans

Much research has gone intorepparttar best and most widely used marketing methods for promoting a web site. All studies have shown one common fact. Ranking high in a top search engines index isrepparttar 128222 best, and most cost effective method of marketing a web site available. Because each search means thatrepparttar 128223 user is trying to find you meaning that they are targeted audience whom are much more likely to purchase something that your web site offers.

There is much confusion about how search engines work and how they index web sites for higher ranks. Many people believe that by submitting their details once,repparttar 128224 search engine will automatically provide them with a high rank and everyone can find their site instantly…this is simply notrepparttar 128225 case!

For those of you who have experience in trying to "successfully" submit your web site to a search engine, you will know what I am talking about. It is not as easy as people think. As owner of Darknight Designs I have webmasters ask me on a daily basis, what they can do to improve their rankings in search engines. Below are some simple steps that they (and you) can do, to improve your online marketing campaign.

1.Take time to get your site optimised. This process involves making sure you have quickly loading pages, graphics that are reduced in memory size, your META Tags are created properly and your site is uploaded and available for viewing. This step isrepparttar 128226 most important one, and should not be done in a rush. Take your time in making your pages and getting your META Tags & Alt tags done correctly, as it will pay off inrepparttar 128227 end. META Tags should resemblerepparttar 128228 ones below;

Title for your site-try to use some of your main keywords-no more than 6 words

2.The next step involves creating "alternate entrances" to your site (commonly called "doorway pages"). These pages are keyword targeted and are really the

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