"How to Develop Multiple Streams of $100,000+ Home Business Income"

Written by Anne Marie Baugh

Got a home business? Want a six-figure income?

The sure route to home business wealth is to think "multiple," as in multiple streams of income. You can easily develop new income streams if you do two things:

* find new ways to get customers; * add new products or services for sale.

Devising multiple streams of income should be a regular part of your strategic planning. I recommend you think hard about it at least every 90 days.

1) New Ways to Get Customers If your main source of business isrepparttar Yellow Pages, for example, what happens if your phone goes dead tomorrow? Your business goes dead, too. It's happened to others. It's happened to me. And it WILL happen to you one day.

You can _easily_ avoid this migraine-waiting-to- happen!


Set up at least two other sources of new business to support your main one. Start today. Here are some quick ideas:

* run low-cost classified ads in your local newspaper (or another paper, if you're already doing this); * give a seminar once a month and watchrepparttar 117816 new business roll in -- you can literally "speak and grow rich" this way; * pay for Web site traffic from GoTo.com, Sprinks.com or another pay-per-click search engine; * start REALLY cultivating referrals from existing clients -- tell them how much you enjoy working with them and ask forrepparttar 117817 names of friends who might want free information from you.

Exactly what you do is not important. Just get started on this business-building tactic -- that's what counts!

Time To Take A Break

Written by Bob Osgoodby

Every once in awhile, I sit down atrepparttar computer to write an article or copy for an ad, and nothing happens. A dozen or so, false starts later, a topic is finally decided on, andrepparttar 117815 words just won't come. Only a paragraph or two gets written, and it's time to call it a day. Later, looking at what was done, I usually highlight it, and hitrepparttar 117816 "delete" key.

Other times,repparttar 117817 words flow as if from a "magic spring" and before I know it,repparttar 117818 article or ad is complete, but far too long. I try to keep articles around 700 words, as ones much longer seem to drag, and quickly looserepparttar 117819 readers interest. Effective ads should be four to six lines with 65 characters per line.

Then comesrepparttar 117820 painful task of trying to shorten it. But, you may think, everything is important, and you can't cut a word. But, you must, and will usually wind up with something that at least makes sense.

Many people, who write copy advertising their product, haverepparttar 117821 same problem. They feel they have to give every last detail about their offer in their ad. Nothing could be further fromrepparttar 117822 truth.

You should try to give as much information as possible inrepparttar 117823 shortest amount of space. I know this is difficult, butrepparttar 117824 fact is that most people simply won't spendrepparttar 117825 time reading a long ad. Don't worry aboutrepparttar 117826 length at first. You should get allrepparttar 117827 important points down first, and then try to shorten it.

Do this for five or six ads. Then have someone, preferably someone who is not familiar with your product or service, read them. If you have six ads, have them rate them on a scale of one to six, with one beingrepparttar 117828 best in their judgement. Try to get others to dorepparttar 117829 same type of rating. Be sure not to sharerepparttar 117830 ratings byrepparttar 117831 other people who did this, until afterrepparttar 117832 current readers rating is complete.

There may be a wide difference inrepparttar 117833 ratings, but some pattern should show up. Takerepparttar 117834 highest scoring ad, and run with it. If it draws business, leave it alone. Don't feel you have to tweakrepparttar 117835 ad every time is published.

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