How to Design a Recessed Lighting Plan

Written by Paul Forte

Recessed lighting is part of almost every home remodeling project these days. You may call them high hats, can lights or pot lights depending on what part ofrepparttar country your in. Withrepparttar 142256 proper lighting plan, recessed lights can help illuminate a room. One ofrepparttar 142257 most important principles to understand when designing a recessed lighting layout is beam angle. In recessed cans,repparttar 142258 light is produced inrepparttar 142259 shape of a cone. You picturerepparttar 142260 light starting as a point atrepparttar 142261 light fixture and forming a circle onrepparttar 142262 floor. The beam angle isrepparttar 142263 angle of this light out ofrepparttar 142264 bulb. For example a 60-degree beam angle will produce a circle of light about 9 feet across onrepparttar 142265 floor ifrepparttar 142266 fixture is 8 feet offrepparttar 142267 floor.

That is just one part ofrepparttar 142268 formula. That circle of light we now have onrepparttar 142269 floor is not allrepparttar 142270 same intensity. About five and a half feet of that circle is good intense light whilerepparttar 142271 remainder is spill over and diminishes as it gets further fromrepparttar 142272 center. This is very important to understand. With this information, you can overlaprepparttar 142273 spill over light so that you end up with a nice even light pattern overrepparttar 142274 entire area you are trying to illuminate.

Tips to buying stained glass and reproduction Tiffany lightin

Written by Nicole Martins

For anyone who appreciatesrepparttar detailed beauty of illuminated colored glass, Louis Comfort Tiffany is reallyrepparttar 142238 person to thank. Today,repparttar 142239 copper foil method is still being used to produce beautiful reproduction Tiffany lighting at affordable prices.

If you are looking for a stained glass pendant fixture, chandelier or lamp, take a look atrepparttar 142240 manufactures below. These lighting designers make reproduction Tiffany fixtures and you can shop their collections for quality lighting. While these lighting manufacturers make wonderful Tiffany reproductions, they are also popular for other lighting styles and products.

Kichler Lighting -

Well made fixtures usingrepparttar 142241 original turn ofrepparttar 142242 century copper foil method. Collection includes a great variety of table lamps with copper foil lamp shades, on & off pull chain, or 3-way turn switching. Also: stained glass Tiffany chandeliers, pendant lights, down lights, and, ceiling and pool table lighting.

Quoizel Lighting -

This seventy year old lighting manufacturer makes quality Tiffany style lighting that provides warm and inviting light. From chandeliers and mini pendants to table lamps and down lighting, Quoizel has fans far and wide who seek out their Tiffany light fixtures.

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