How to Deal With Salespeople

Written by Steve Kaye

If you are an executive, you may sometimes feel like a open jelly sandwich at a picnic. Every crazy critter inrepparttar world wants to bite into your budget. Here's how to protect your time and preserve your sanity.

Ask questions

Many salespeople work from a script. Rather than let them read it, interrupt with, "Excuse me." Then determinerepparttar 139163 purpose ofrepparttar 139164 call by asking questions such as, "What are you selling?" or "Why are you calling?" Set bounds onrepparttar 139165 call by stating that you will take one minute to hear their offer and that you have a timer. Cut throughrepparttar 139166 enticement by gettingrepparttar 139167 facts that you need to decide if their offer has value.

Just say no

If you have no interest inrepparttar 139168 offer, tellrepparttar 139169 salesperson, "No." If you have no interest inrepparttar 139170 company, product, or service, ask to be removed from their call list. Be polite and firm. Simply say, "We have no need for your service. Please remove my name from your list." Avoid small talk, arguments, or complaints. All of these waste your time and lead to nothing. In addition, savvy sales people appreciate candor. It frees them to proceed with their business.

Decline literature

If you attempt to rid yourself of a salesperson by asking for information, you cause three bad things to happen. 1) You guarantee a return call ("Hi, did you get what I sent?"). 2) You wasterepparttar 139171 salesperson's money. 3) You add torepparttar 139172 mail that you have to process. Thus, decline literature unless you are interested inrepparttar 139173 offer. Similarly, decline appointments, trial samples, or invitations that you know you would cancel. And never ask for a proposal if you have already selected another provider.

Return phone messages

Come Home Rich - How to Get the Most out of Your Next Conference

Written by Steve Kaye

Success in your career depends upon how well you manage your professional development. A prime source of this development comes from being a member of a professional association that relates to your career. As a member, you can attend conferences where you advance your skills and meet people who can help you.

Some people, however, treat conferences as a paid vacation. They party, they skip sessions, and they return home with little more than a stack of receipts. That costs them (or their business) money and contributes nothing to professional growth.

Here’s how to getrepparttar most out of your next conference.

Start With a Plan

First, make a list of your goals for attendingrepparttar 139162 conference. For example, this could includerepparttar 139163 information that you want to gain,repparttar 139164 relationships that you want to deepen,repparttar 139165 people you want to meet, andrepparttar 139166 things that you want to buy. Also, make a list of questions that you want to have answered while you’re atrepparttar 139167 conference. This list will help you focus on your personal agenda duringrepparttar 139168 conference and will maximize your chances of returning with something of value.

Then, scan throughrepparttar 139169 program to select those sessions that will help yourepparttar 139170 most. These could be on topics that teach skills leading to a promotion, help open new opportunities at work, or answer important questions about your career. If many valuable sessions are scheduled atrepparttar 139171 same time, then select your first and second choices. You may find that one ofrepparttar 139172 sessions has been canceled or filled (sold out).

Highlight your top priority sessions so you can sign up or arrive early. These sessions generally have such great value that they justify attendingrepparttar 139173 conference, and you want to make sure that you’re there when they start.

If your boss must approve attending a conference, use your plan to justify your request. Be sure to include explanations of howrepparttar 139174 information, relationships, and participation atrepparttar 139175 conference will enhance your value to your company. Wise leaders always support someone who relates a request torepparttar 139176 benefits that come from it.

Workrepparttar 139177 Plan

While atrepparttar 139178 conference keep your list of goals and questions in mind. Begin each day by checking your list and identifying those goals that you can achieve during that day. For example, some sessions may provide information that answers some of your questions.

Atrepparttar 139179 end ofrepparttar 139180 day review your list and check off those goals that you accomplished. If you discover new opportunities, then add them to your list of goals. And if you find yourself stuck on reaching a goal, seek out a senior member whom you can ask for advice on how to achieve it.

Meet People

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