How to Create a Links Page and Build Page Rank

Written by James R. Morrison

One ofrepparttar hardest achievements for a webmaster to obtain is a solid links page and great web site page rank. You know as well as I do that it is very difficult to obtain well page ranked reciprocal links. Especially when your actual links page is PR 1 or 2! There are ways to construct a links page with good page rank and reach a great page ranked web site.

The first step to take would be to add your links page link to all your pages and site map page, if your web site has one. This ensuresrepparttar 127911 search engine spiders view your links page as important to your site. Many webmasters just place a link on their homepage. -No Good-

It is always good to have some outbound links from your web pages so you will want to do this on your links page. Choose 4 or 5 relating "authoritative sites" to link to. Write a good optimized description for them using keywords geared to your web site. You could simply write whatrepparttar 127912 site is about and how it relates to your web site. Include any special offers or services from your web site into your links page. You want to have content besides just links onrepparttar 127913 page. Make sure there are specific instructions on how to link to your site onrepparttar 127914 page for prospected partners. Oh and one more thing ...don't name it "links page". You should use something like "more resources", "respected web sites" etc. Companies will take your link request more seriously if they seerepparttar 127915 word "resources" instead of "links" page.

“Google Friendly” Solutions to Graphic-Intense Sites

Written by Robin Nobles

We all know thatrepparttar search engines can’t “see” or “read”repparttar 127910 graphics on our pages. We also know that we need to provide text on a page, sorepparttar 127911 spiders will have something to crawl and index.

After all, we have to prove torepparttar 127912 search engines without a shadow of a doubt that our pages are about what we say or claim they’re about if we want to achieve top rankings. That’s why I believe so strongly in focusing each page on one single keyword phrase only. As soon as a spider hits a page, I wantrepparttar 127913 spider to know exactly what that page is about.

But, many sites out there are graphic intense, often by virtue of their very nature. The sites may sell prints, wallpaper, pictures, graphics, or posters. Or,repparttar 127914 sites may sell hats, for example, so that each page is full of pictures of a particular type of hat.

Many Web site owners don’t want to add text to those pages, because they want to highlight exactly what they’re selling. They’ve createdrepparttar 127915 site with their audience in mind, which is as it should be. After all, when visitors stop by a wallpaper site, they want to see loads of pictures ofrepparttar 127916 different wallpaper samples. They don’t want to read about them!

So, being careful to adhere to Google’s Guidelines that prohibit hiding text, what options do we have with our graphic-intense site?

Let’s look at some possible solutions.

1. Can you put visible text above or belowrepparttar 127917 graphics onrepparttar 127918 page? If so, this is your best solution, because you’re givingrepparttar 127919 engines some content to crawl.

Simply add a paragraph of content aboverepparttar 127920 graphics, and then a paragraph or two of content belowrepparttar 127921 graphics. Make surerepparttar 127922 content focuses on your keyword phrase and that it describesrepparttar 127923 page accurately.

If you don’t want to add a full paragraph of content aboverepparttar 127924 graphics, try adding a heading tag containing your keyword phrase. Then, add content beneathrepparttar 127925 graphics.

The bottom line is: you want to startrepparttar 127926 page with text if at all possible, not graphics.

2. Be creative! Can you add descriptive text about each graphic under or besiderepparttar 127927 graphic? Can you add little “Tips” or “More Info” boxes onrepparttar 127928 page that contain valuable information for your users and keyword-containing text forrepparttar 127929 engines? Can you include testimonials from happy customers that will add valuable keyword-containing content to your page?

3. Leave your existing graphic-intense pagesrepparttar 127930 way they are, and create some new text-based interior pages that are full of valuable content related to your graphics. Pull in traffic through those pages, and provide text links to your pages full of graphics. Be sure to use your important keyword phrase inrepparttar 127931 link text that links torepparttar 127932 pages of graphics.

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