How to Create a Lifetime Commissions Affiliate Program

Written by Christopher Pearce

====================================================== How to create a lifetime commissions affiliate program

Christopher Pearce, ======================================================

Affiliate programs are a great way of marketing online. You pay only forrepparttar results you get - if someone referred to your site makes a purchase.

But if you want to make a really strong affiliate program, with adoring-sales-machines for affiliates, it must be VERY attractive to affiliates.

The best way to do that is to offer lifetime commissions. That means you pay commissions on EVERY purchase a referred customer makes, not just onrepparttar 102589 first purchase.

If you pay commissions for every purchase that your referred customers make, you offer your affiliatesrepparttar 102590 chance to earn a lot more money than they otherwise would.

That will strongly motivate your smarter affiliates to work harder and be creative, and that is EXACTLY what you want them to do.

There are lots of things that make an affiliate program great, but one ofrepparttar 102591 most important is reliable tracking.

============================== The magic ingredient: Tracking ==============================

If an affiliate sends you a customer,repparttar 102592 affiliate must earn a commission when that customer makes a purchase.

You would not have that customer ifrepparttar 102593 affiliate had not referred them, sorepparttar 102594 affiliate deserves to be rewarded.

To achieve this you must track all referrals reliably, both online and off.

You should use cookies to storerepparttar 102595 referring affiliate's ID number. You should set them with no expiry date, but they will inevitably be lost well within a few months, if not weeks, after they are set.

Browsers have a limit torepparttar 102596 number of cookies they can store. A lot of web sites now use cookies. This means that your cookies will often be overwritten by those from other web sites.

You must make sure that your cookies work with Internet Explorer 6, which will discard cookies not compliant with P3P standards.


Tracking by IP address is not an accurate method of long-term tracking, however it is an effective way to track visitors during their FIRST visit to your site.

It is a good idea to use IP tracking to catch any people who have cookies disabled.

Every time your affiliates send someone to their affiliate URL, your server should send them to either a dynamically generated or pre-generated page with their affiliate ID embedded in it. The affiliate's ID should also be stored inrepparttar 102597 URL, so that ifrepparttar 102598 customer bookmarks and returns,repparttar 102599 affiliate is still credited withrepparttar 102600 sale.

In your database of customer profiles, you should storerepparttar 102601 ID ofrepparttar 102602 affiliate who referred each customer. Whenever a customer "profile" makes a purchase (online or off) you should creditrepparttar 102603 appropriate affiliate(s) forrepparttar 102604 sale.

Storingrepparttar 102605 affiliate's ID inrepparttar 102606 customer's profile isrepparttar 102607 best, most reliable way to track inrepparttar 102608 long term, both offline and on.

Some systems also allow you to track offline by supplyingrepparttar 102609 user with a fake phone extension. This extension is actuallyrepparttar 102610 referring affiliate's ID. You can also ask people faxing you to quote an order number - which includesrepparttar 102611 affiliate's ID.

To catch any who "slip thoughrepparttar 102612 cracks", your order processing software should scan your order history for any orders going torepparttar 102613 same name, e-mail address or phone number of a customer, and payrepparttar 102614 referring affiliate their due commission.

======================================== Where to get affiliate tracking software ========================================

You have two options: build or buy.

-------------------------------------------------- Buying affiliate software --------------------------------------------------

Buying affiliate tracking software isrepparttar 102615 way to go. It is so much cheaper than developing it yourself, and quality is guaranteed.

There is only one merchant offering a system that can handle true lifetime commissions: My Affiliate Program, with it's LifeTime Commissions module add-on.

This isrepparttar 102616 only system custom-built for lifetime commissions, and it's fresh offrepparttar 102617 production line (December 2001).

There is one other good near-lifetime system - Ultimate Affiliate.

It is not specifically designed for lifetime commissions, but it can handle residual commissions with ease.

------------------------------------ My Affiliate Program ------------------------------------

This is a great affiliate tracking software suite, recently made even better byrepparttar 102618 addition ofrepparttar 102619 LifeTime Commissions module.

It is run by Kowabunga Technologies, and was honored withrepparttar 102620 "Editor's Choice" Award by Dr. Ralph Wilson of Wilson Internet, who called it "the 'Cadillac' of its category."

Wilson Web:

It is hosted on Kowabunga's secure servers, though a version hosted on your own domain is possible. Over 500 Merchants use MYAP.

It tracks primarily by a cookie forrepparttar 102621 first purchase. CGI/ASP tracking is also available, and it can even track sales made overrepparttar 102622 phone.

Affiliate management is also simple, with automated sign-up and a clear interface.

You can even reward your top earning affiliates with bonuses that can be easily and securely awarded.

The LifeTime Commissions module itself works by generating a "LifeTime identifier" when your customers make a purchase.

The Right Thing

Written by Thomas

The Right Thing by Thomas Going Platinum member: internetprofit

When I first decided to do something that would earn money onrepparttar web, I didnít know exactly where to begin. I had several criteria in mind. I wanted more than just a few extra bucks. I wanted to do something which would earn an online income. Here arerepparttar 102588 criteria that I came up with. 1. It had to be something that didnít cost very much to start. 2. A great product to sell. 3. Good profit I wasnít asking for much. All I wanted was to start my own worldwide business on a shoestring and make a fortune. Right? I also wanted to do it fromrepparttar 102589 comfort of home and with no employees to help. All kidding aside, I really just wanted to earn a decent income. Justrepparttar 102590 right thing. But what wasrepparttar 102591 right thing for me?

I had attempted to self publish my own book onrepparttar 102592 web, but soon found that it was not that easy. Books are a great thing. Everyone loves them, but everyone sells them too. ItĎsrepparttar 102593 same with e-books. There wasrepparttar 102594 usual problem of gettingrepparttar 102595 massive amount of website traffic. Also, when you sell a book or any tangible object, it must be produced and shipped. This is time consuming and adds torepparttar 102596 cost ofrepparttar 102597 book. Its not that easy competing withrepparttar 102598 big book sellers. Its not that I wanted something easy or get rich quick, but I did want something that worked onrepparttar 102599 web. Selling books was obviously notrepparttar 102600 right thing.

Now I turned to something less bulky and yet still profitable. The market for software, webtools and classified websites had long been saturated onrepparttar 102601 Internet. Although I signed up for several of these websites and have earned some income, I still kept searching forrepparttar 102602 right thing.

Referral programs were my next opportunities to investigate. These programs have much to offer. They are either free or low cost. You can add one or more to an existing website business. You can make a good online income withrepparttar 102603 right program. You can also belong to several referral programs at once. But which program or programs were right? Again, it had to berepparttar 102604 right thing. 1. Low cost 2. A great product 3. Good profit

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