How to Create a Decorative Garden Window

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

If you have a sunny window in a room where you don't have to worry about privacy, this décor idea will provide a country home feel along withrepparttar beauty of Mother Nature's flowers.

What you will need for this project:

1.Rope about 10 inches longer than your window is wide 2.6 small pots with handles (small tin buckets work well also) 3.6 clothespins 4.Potting soil 5.2 decorative pots 6.2 mug hooks 7.2 potted plant trellises 8.An assortment of seeds or seedling herbs and leafy plants such as lettuce, spinach, parsley, and chives 9.4 morning glory seeds or two morning glory plants 10.1 other somewhat tall decorative item that fits intorepparttar 135652 décor ofrepparttar 135653 room 11.Measuring Tape 12.Pencil

How to Create this Look:

- If you are using morning glory seeds, you will first want to put them in warm water and leave them there for about 24 hours. This helpsrepparttar 135654 seeds have a shorter germination time. - Put potting soil inrepparttar 135655 6 small pots and 2 decorative pots. - Plantrepparttar 135656 seeds or seedlings according to directions on seed packet. - For placingrepparttar 135657 rope, measure how tall your window is then divide this number into fourths. Measure that length fromrepparttar 135658 top ofrepparttar 135659 window and make a mark with a pencil on both sides. For example if your window is 36 inches tall you will make a mark at 9 inches fromrepparttar 135660 top.

Creative Decorating Ideas Using Old Windows

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

A Room With A View Have you ever wished you had a great view right outside your bedroom window but all you see when you wake up inrepparttar morning isrepparttar 135651 wall ofrepparttar 135652 next-door neighbor's house? Well then follow these easy steps to create your own window with a great view.

What You Will Need for This Decorating Project: 1.An old window preferably withrepparttar 135653 glass still intact. You can find these at flea markets or salvage yards. 2.Poster or picture with a pretty view large enough to put behindrepparttar 135654 window. 3.2 mug hooks 4.1 nail 5.Wire 6.10 thumbtacks 7.Hammer

If you want to paintrepparttar 135655 window, do this before moving on torepparttar 135656 first step. You should consider though that sometimesrepparttar 135657 weathered, antique look adds a lot of charm.

How to Get This Look: - Putrepparttar 135658 window onrepparttar 135659 floor and putrepparttar 135660 poster or picture on it so thatrepparttar 135661 front is facing down. - Userepparttar 135662 thumbtacks to attachrepparttar 135663 picture or poster torepparttar 135664 window. - Make surerepparttar 135665 picture is right side up. - Leanrepparttar 135666 window againstrepparttar 135667 wall so that you are looking atrepparttar 135668 back. - Putrepparttar 135669 2 mug hooks onrepparttar 135670 back of your window inrepparttar 135671 top corners. - Make surerepparttar 135672 opening forrepparttar 135673 mug hooks is facing down. - Userepparttar 135674 wire to create a “hanger” forrepparttar 135675 window. Securerepparttar 135676 two ends ofrepparttar 135677 wire onrepparttar 135678 mug hooks. Make sure there is a lot of excess wire so that when you hangrepparttar 135679 windowrepparttar 135680 wire creates a triangle with 4-inch sides. - Hammerrepparttar 135681 nail intorepparttar 135682 wall where you want your window. - You can now add window treatments to it just as you would a normal window or wrap silk flower garlands aroundrepparttar 135683 wire.

Old windows can be used in a variety of ways. Here are just a few more creative ideas forrepparttar 135684 old window and a plain wall.

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