How to Create Hip, Mature and Lush Harmonies

Written by Ronald Worthy

Copyright 2005 RAW Productions

Rarely is a chord played with its tones contained in a single octave,repparttar root onrepparttar 148736 bottom,repparttar 148737 third inrepparttar 148738 middle, andrepparttar 148739 fifth onrepparttar 148740 top.

Usually chords are "voiced!"

This basically means thatrepparttar 148741 positions of a chord's tones are scattered overrepparttar 148742 keyboard. The tones may be altered, doubled, added to, missing, and so forth.

There are a great variety of possibilities available in voicing chords. Voicing chords properly is an art within itself. Usingrepparttar 148743 correct voicing techniques in your playing will give your improvisation a "hip," mature and full sound. Chords played in root position just does not seem to dorepparttar 148744 job when playing Jazz, Rock, Pop, Blues, Gospel and "Smooth Jazz" piano.

Learning and mastering good voice leading techniques in your playing is not difficult if you just follow some simple rules.

1. The most important notes in any chord isrepparttar 148745 3rd andrepparttar 148746 7th. The 3rd ofrepparttar 148747 chord defines whetherrepparttar 148748 chord is a major or minor chord. The 7th ofrepparttar 148749 chord will define whetherrepparttar 148750 chord is a dominant or major chord. Usuallyrepparttar 148751 bass player will playrepparttar 148752 root and fifth. The root and fifth are not essential tones and can be completely left our from your chord progressions. If you must userepparttar 148753 root and fifth try using it in your right hand, not your left. You should add your "color" tones in your right hand.

Opps I slapped go in the Face

Written by Beth Hitesman

For years, I dreamed of becoming a certified life coach and partnering with others who really wanted to make a difference. I would get excited aboutrepparttar idea for awhile, then drop it. After all, I reasoned, ďWho am I to start my own business, My reasons for not going forward with my dream were genuine and logical: I didnít know how to market, I didnít know how to tell people about my service, I didnít know how to build a webpage and I didnít know how to get people to my webpage if I did build one, Iím getting older, I have too much to doóthe list went on and on.

Every timerepparttar 148712 dream would reemerge, my mental list was on standby, eager to remind me of how ridiculous these thoughts were. ĎMy dream was impossible,Ē Iíd rationalize.

Then it hit me! How often have I talked myself out of doing something because I decided it was impossible?

How often have I stopped myself from doing something because I maderepparttar 148713 decision as to what God would or would not do in my life?

I believe that God gives us our dreams and that God created us for a purpose. I also believe that with God, all things are possible.

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