How to Crate Train Your Puppy

Written by Cass Hope

One ofrepparttar most difficult hurdles that any new puppy owner faces is housebreaking or as it is sometimes also referred to; potty training or doing business. Although there is no tactic that comes with a 100% guarantee, one ofrepparttar 141976 most successful methods is crate training. Crate training can drastically reducerepparttar 141977 amount of stress onrepparttar 141978 owner andrepparttar 141979 puppy that often comes with trainingrepparttar 141980 new four-legged member of your family. So what is a crate? It is a cage that is usually made of plastic or wire. Wire ones are collapsible andrepparttar 141981 puppy has a great view of his surroundings. The plastic crates are lightweight and easy to clean and tend to berepparttar 141982 most commonly used. Either can be purchased at a department or pet store. When purchasing a crate you must make sure there is enough room forrepparttar 141983 puppy to stretch right out and to stand erect. Make surerepparttar 141984 crate is not too big though or all your potty training efforts in vain becauserepparttar 141985 puppy will be able to do her business in one end and sleep inrepparttar 141986 other. Crates can also be used for a variety of other things than just potty training. It providesrepparttar 141987 “den” security that can be traced back to their ancestors. It provides a place that is safe and cozy forrepparttar 141988 puppy. Puttingrepparttar 141989 puppy inrepparttar 141990 crate when there is company or a lot of activity going on it saves her from allrepparttar 141991 reprimands from getting inrepparttar 141992 way. It is great for travelling. When you have to leaverepparttar 141993 puppy home putting her in her crate will save you from coming home to a disaster. It is also great for your puppy to sleep in throughrepparttar 141994 night withoutrepparttar 141995 owner having to worry about her roaming around and possibly injuring herself. Puppies however, should NEVER be left alone in their crate for extended periods of time. What makesrepparttar 141996 crate method of potty training so effective is because a puppy will not soil where it sleeps. However if you leaverepparttar 141997 puppy inrepparttar 141998 crate for too long it will have to do business and you will set your potty training efforts back torepparttar 141999 beginning. The most important things you need to remember about crate training are consistency and routine and lots and lots of rewards. A crate is used differently to potty train then if you have to go out and you are leaving her home alone. When you are leaving your puppy home you have to putrepparttar 142000 crate in a small area, for example a bathroom and leaverepparttar 142001 crate door open with newspapers down forrepparttar 142002 puppy to do her business. Oncerepparttar 142003 puppy

Clipping Your Birds Wings

Written by Lee Dobbins

Clipping a pet birds wings is a common grooming procedure and is necessary for training as well as for your pets safety. You might feel like you are being mean torepparttar bird, butrepparttar 141916 fact is that it does not hurtrepparttar 141917 bird and can help to keep him from flying out of an open window or door and becoming lost. Most pet birds would not be able to survive inrepparttar 141918 wild, especially if your climate is not one that is natural forrepparttar 141919 bird.

You can clip your birds wings yourself at home, but it is best if you take him intorepparttar 141920 vet or pet shop and ask if they can show yourepparttar 141921 proper way to do it before trying it yourself!

Do not try to clip your birds wing until he is very tame and used to you holding him, otherwiserepparttar 141922 procedure will be very traumatic for you both. You need to make sure that your bird trusts you enough to hold him and open up his wings. Until your relationship has reached this stage, it is best to have this done by a professional.

Once your have your birds trust and are ready to cliprepparttar 141923 wings yourself, take your bird out ofrepparttar 141924 cage and hold him for a while. You may need 2 people for this as it can be kind of awkward with only 2 hands. Spreadrepparttar 141925 birds wing out and hold it out with one hand, have your scissors ready withrepparttar 141926 other hand.

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