How to Cook without Water

Written by Helen Porter,

At , we are often asked aboutrepparttar problem of cooking without water. Nobody likesrepparttar 144711 smell of burning food, andrepparttar 144712 most obvious response torepparttar 144713 pan drying out is simply to add more water. However, this is not alwaysrepparttar 144714 best solution. Over hydrating your ingredients is actuallyrepparttar 144715 fastest way to diluterepparttar 144716 taste - and bland food is a dish best not served at all, not to mention you run a real risk of damaging your expensive cookware!

The solution? At ,repparttar 144717 answer to this question is broken down into several steps you should follow if you want to cook without water, without either ruining your ingredients or damagingrepparttar 144718 pan.

Always userepparttar 144719 right pan Selectrepparttar 144720 utensilrepparttar 144721 food will most nearly fill, as air pockets - created by using pans too large forrepparttar 144722 food quantity will destroy vitamins - dry out food and possibly burn and damage your pan. Our recommendation : Never use more than 2/3 ofrepparttar 144723 pan capacity.

Rinse prepared food and vegetables This is important for two reasons. First of all it removes harmful chemicals and secondly it allows enough water to cling torepparttar 144724 food to mix withrepparttar 144725 natural juices, which will help to getrepparttar 144726 waterless nutritional cooking process started.

Barbequing, a Fun and Convenient Way to Make Dinner©

Written by Valerie Giles

"Thereís nothing more enjoyable than having friends and family gathered around amidstrepparttar wonderful smells of charcoal-grilled prawns, vegetables and selected favorites. Barbecuing is one of those time- honored rituals that go hand in hand with summertime. Whether youíre in your backyard or at youíre favorite camping site, barbecuing is a pleasure to be enjoyed byrepparttar 144439 whole family."

Barbecuing has never been more exciting; withrepparttar 144440 endless designs of barbecues available andrepparttar 144441 myriad of barbecue cookbooks and cooking shows it really does take barbecuing into a whole new realm. With recipes for everything from grilled bananas to peaches and dry rubs for ribs, barbecues arenít just for cooking steaks and burgers anymore. With allrepparttar 144442 available barbecuing options it helps to know a few ofrepparttar 144443 barbecuing terms and barbecuing utensils that are used.

Firstly, barbecues come in a wide variety of options; there are propane, natural gas andrepparttar 144444 standard barbecues for use with charcoal. Barbecues can come with range style one, two and four burner options along with rotisseries. There are even barbecues that have coolers built right intorepparttar 144445 bottom! Barbecuing has never been quite so convenient.


When youíre using your barbecue it really helps to haverepparttar 144446 right utensils and barbeque accessories, this will make your barbecuing experience easier and more enjoyable. Long handled tongs, basting brushes and spatulas are quite helpful. Heavy-duty oven mitts can also be useful. Of course you donít want to forgetrepparttar 144447 proper wire brushes and scrubbers (crumpled foil even works well) to remove build-up, keeping your grill racks clean.

Foods that are tender such as fish, vegetables and some burgers can benefit from cooking in a special grill basket (this way you arenít loosing any of your meal intorepparttar 144448 barbecue). There are also special racks available to be used with corn, potatoes, ribs and meat.

An excellent barbecue accessory isrepparttar 144449 grill wok, with this you can make youíre favorite stir fries and vegetable dishes;repparttar 144450 wok has small holes throughout that allow heat and smoke to penetraterepparttar 144451 food. Another great grill accessory isrepparttar 144452 grill pizza tray used mostly for grilled pizza. Other grill accessories include;repparttar 144453 grill topper used for fish and vegetables providing an even cooking surface, which prevents foods from falling throughrepparttar 144454 grill rack; you can never have too many skewers in assorted lengths which can be used with a skewer rack for grilling your favorite marinated vegetables and meats; smoker boxes for gas grills filled with soaked wood chips add a wonderful smoked flavor to foods. Lastly foil packets are available or simple tin foil to wrap foods, just remember that you may be sacrificingrepparttar 144455 grill and smoke flavors when foods are wrapped tightly.

Grilling Processes

After you haverepparttar 144456 utensils and proper grilling accessories needed for youíre barbeque experience youíll want to familiarize yourself onrepparttar 144457 different types of grilling processes and terms to findrepparttar 144458 ones that work best for you and to know exactly what has to be done. To start, basting is probablyrepparttar 144459 most familiar of barbecuing terms, a simple brushing with a seasoned liquid adding both flavor and moisture to your food. A brochette is just French for a kabob, or simply food cooked on a skewer. A glaze is a glossy, flavorful coating on food as it cooks as a result of regular basting.

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