How to Cook A Lobster

Written by Michael Sheridan

French chefs plunge them into boiling water; English ones, in an attempt to appear more humane, drive kitchen knives through their skulls before doingrepparttar same thing.

No wonderrepparttar 149924 miserable creatures go red. They’re mad as hell. What a way to treatrepparttar 149925 king of crustaceans.

Let’s make a pact. From now on let’s treatrepparttar 149926 lobster withrepparttar 149927 respect (and humanity) it deserves. Here’s how:

Use a pan deep enough to hold 6 liters of salted water to which you have added some shredded onion, a garlic clove or two and a bay leaf. Purists who live byrepparttar 149928 sea also like to add a pint of seawater. People like me, who’ve seen what gets washed up as a result of coastal run-off, don’t.

Put a trivet or round roasting rack inrepparttar 149929 bottom ofrepparttar 149930 pan, on which you will placerepparttar 149931 lobster. You do this so that it is not touchingrepparttar 149932 bottom ofrepparttar 149933 pan and will not be burnt asrepparttar 149934 metal heats up.

Does this improverepparttar 149935 flavor? No, it’s purely forrepparttar 149936 comfort ofrepparttar 149937 lobster.

So, this is what you have – a pan of cold brine, seasoned, in which a lobster sits on a trivet as happy as a sand boy. How do I know this? Because lobsters have two states of being – they’re either happy or they’re dead.

Now, using a gentle heat, gradually raiserepparttar 149938 temperature ofrepparttar 149939 water to around 90°F, at which pointrepparttar 149940 lobster will be fast asleep and sweetly dreaming. It will never wake up.

Vegan Chocolate Feeds the Sweet Tooth

Written by Anna Wilde

Being a vegan doesn't mean eating boring food. One area that causes us more consternation than others is dessert. Most traditional desserts include milk or cream. Whether it's cake or cookies,repparttar recipes usually call for dairy products.

That's why most vegans rejoice when they realize there are many vegan chocolate options onrepparttar 149923 market. Not all chocolate contains milk. Dark chocolate is vegan and is, in fact, much healthier than milk chocolate.

Dark chocolate contains antioxidants, much like red wine does. Researchers in Europe have found that dark chocolate has heart-protective qualities, whereas milk chocolate does not.

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