How to Command the Respect of Your Team

Written by Mike Bosse

When I was a child my father would take me ice fishing with him and his buddies. I remember very clearlyrepparttar first time he took me out onrepparttar 119450 ice. I was so excited to be included in his fishing trip that I couldn’t sleeprepparttar 119451 entire night prior.

So at 4:00am when my father came intorepparttar 119452 room to wake me, he was a little surprised to find me wide eyed and full of energy. When we got out ontorepparttar 119453 frozen lake I remember hearingrepparttar 119454 ice creak beneathrepparttar 119455 wheels ofrepparttar 119456 truck as we slowly approachedrepparttar 119457 small wooden shack that would house us fromrepparttar 119458 elements forrepparttar 119459 remainder ofrepparttar 119460 day.

I remember being concerned asrepparttar 119461 first ‘POP!’ resounded fromrepparttar 119462 crystal floor below. But then, I took one look at my father and all of my fears where dispelled. I knew that with my father at my side I was safe from harm.

Once insiderepparttar 119463 ice cabin we litrepparttar 119464 small heater inrepparttar 119465 corner and my father went over some ofrepparttar 119466 safety rules with me. Afterrepparttar 119467 initial talk on safety,repparttar 119468 wooden plank which coveredrepparttar 119469 4 foot long by 2 foot wide hole inrepparttar 119470 ice was removed. One look intorepparttar 119471 murky darkness below and I becamerepparttar 119472 poster boy for ice fishing safety.

My father went overrepparttar 119473 basics with me and then showed me how to properly droprepparttar 119474 line and how to watch it for a bite fromrepparttar 119475 fish.

As he instructed me, I absorbed every bit of information he shared, and followed his lessons torepparttar 119476 tee. I never questioned him, or desired anything else but to make him proud of me, and have fun. Overrepparttar 119477 course of that day I caught half a gallon of trout, and hadrepparttar 119478 time of my life.

I often think back on this story when I am in a position to lead men. My father commanded not only my loyalty, but my respect, my devotion, and I surrendered to his command on blind faith.

Unlock the Hidden Creativity of Your Employees

Written by Chuck Yorke

To release creativity in employees, managers must get involved in their employees’ work. Look at each employee as if he or she isrepparttar expert onrepparttar 119449 job and tap into their creative energy.

We’ve learned that we can userepparttar 119450 energy ofrepparttar 119451 wind andrepparttar 119452 sun. We’ve also learned to harness energy stored inrepparttar 119453 form of coal and oil. Creative energy, like any other kind of energy, can be harnessed and managed.

When we engage our employees and tap into their creative energy, they can show us ways to improve. All employees can be thinking about how to reduce costs, looking at safety issues, reducing wastes, and improvingrepparttar 119454 environment, while atrepparttar 119455 same time developing skills to identify, articulate and communicate those kinds of things.

What can people do with their creative energy?

Michael took some wood, cardboard, and tape and made a ’flipper’ to close boxes, eliminatingrepparttar 119456 work he was doing.

Omar used a cardboard box to protect coworkers from a hot pipe. Laterrepparttar 119457 box was replaced by a plastic coated wire guard.

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