How to Choose a Website Design Company

Written by Cindy Kelly

The internet is full of web design companies pleading for your business. They all look great! Not sure which company to select? By following these simple steps, you'll be able to selectrepparttar perfect designer for your business.

1. The search for a web designer. Unless you really feel that face to face meetings are a priority, there is really no reason why you can't hire a web designer outside your local area. Most people turn to search engines onrepparttar 135796 internet for their search.

2. The designer's portfolio. Once you stumble on a website that catches your interest, look for samples of their work. Freelancer or business, anyone who claims to be a web designer has design portfolio. Because taste is a personal choice, it's possible you won't "like" all ofrepparttar 135797 examples inrepparttar 135798 designers portfolio. But even if you don't likerepparttar 135799 particular colors or theme they used for a particular client, look further intorepparttar 135800 design. Ask yourself these questions:

Are there designs clean and crisp? Doesrepparttar 135801 overall design have a professional appearance? Isrepparttar 135802 navigation clear and easy to use? How Is their language, grammar and spelling usage? 3. Check references. If you thinkrepparttar 135803 designer can do a good job for you, check their references. You'll find contact information for past clients inrepparttar 135804 designer's portfolio. They can give you their real life experience withrepparttar 135805 design company.

4. Selecting a web designer. If your comfortable withrepparttar 135806 references and likerepparttar 135807 examples inrepparttar 135808 portfolio contactrepparttar 135809 design company to discussrepparttar 135810 requirements of your project. By corresponding withrepparttar 135811 designer via email of telephone, you'll learn a lot about how responsive and flexible they are. If you're working with a timeline and/or a budget, explain this and be sure they can accommodate your needs. Keep in mind that not every web design company hasrepparttar 135812 capabilities to do what you need. Be sure to make your requirements clear up front so you don't get stuck with extra charges or delays.

Guide to Internet Business - Website Setup

Written by Steven O. Ng

After planningrepparttar design and content of your website, it's time to actually physically set up your website. This isrepparttar 135773 step where you put all your designs and plans into action, creating a website that will attract visitors and earn income.


A webhost is a company that storesrepparttar 135774 pages and pictures and other files of your website. When a person visits your website, they will request these files from your webhost's server so they can viewrepparttar 135775 website. When choosing a webhost, be careful to choose one that is reliable. After all, if your webhost has problems for any reason, people won't be able to visit your website, and you won't be earning any money.

In addition, different webhosts have varying services and tools that they offer. Some ofrepparttar 135776 more important points to consider when choosing a webhost are as follows:

* SPACE AND BANDWIDTH - Space refers to how much file storage space is available for your website. For a standard website with about 20 pages with graphics, 30MB is plenty. Online stores might require more space depending on how many products and pictures you have. Bandwidth refers to how many files can be downloaded and viewed by visitors per month. A normal website with reasonable traffic (200 visitors a day) will need about 2GB bandwidth. Again, if you own a business with lots of products and webpages, you might need more bandwidth.

* DOMAINS AND SUBDOMAINS - Usually, webhosting accounts are charged per domain, with $10 per domain being a reasonable price. However, you can buy larger hosting packages that allow you to host multiple domains and websites onrepparttar 135777 same account. Subdomains are just different sections of your website's domain, with 5 subdomainsrepparttar 135778 rough standard. You will need to make sure how many domains your account entitles you for, in order to calculate which isrepparttar 135779 better webhosting package.

* EMAILS AND AUTORESPONDERS - Emails arerepparttar 135780 various email addresses that visitors can write to you. Most websites will use about 2 or 3 emails (maybe a webmaster email and a support email). Autoresponders are email addresses that will reply someone with an automatic email. You will only need autoresponders if you are on vacation and wish to leave an automated reply in case anybody emails you.

* SCRIPTS - If you want to add extra functionality (such as forums or polls), you will need to be able to run scripts. Make sure your webhost allows you to run scripts for your website. The more common scripts are Java, PHP, Perl and CGI.

There are a number of companies out there that offer free webhosting, but they usually have severe limitations, and might place their own ads on your website. If you are serious in building your internet business, it is recommended to sign up for a proper webhosting service. We recommend HostGator, which provides different levels of webhosting depending on your requirements and budget, with various useful tools as well. In any case, you shouldn't be paying more than $10 a month per domain for basic webhosting services.

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