How to Choose a Satellite Provider - Part II

Written by Gary Davis

Choosing a Satellite TV Provider - Part 2

By Gary Davis

Webmasters: You may reprint this article in its entirety, providing you leaverepparttar Byline and Aboutrepparttar 138382 Author sections intact, includingrepparttar 138383 links to Dish Network Satellite TV. RATING DISH NETWORK and DIRECTV POINT by POINT:

  • Satellite equipment - DirecTV - FREE DISH Network - FREE
  • Satellite Installation - DirecTV - FREE (up to 5 tv's) DISH Network - FREE (up to 4 tv's)
  • Picture Quality - DirecTV - Outstanding DISH Network - Outstanding
  • Pricing - DirecTV Total Choice Package $39.99 per month DISH Network America's Top 60 Package $24.99 per month
  • Programming Quantity - DirecTV offers programming packages up to 250 channels DISH Network hasrepparttar 138384 capacity to offer up to 500 channels
  • Programming Quality - DirecTV has outstanding programming package options with a heavy emphasis on seasonal sports packages.
  • DISH Network also has outstanding programming package options with somewhat less of an emphasis on sports.

  • Customer Care - DirecTV - Outstanding with both online and 800 toll free support. DISH Network - Outstanding with both online and 800 toll free support.

Both DISH Network and DirecTV offer an outstanding television viewing experience. The picture reception for both is far superior to that of cable tv. DISH Network's entry level package is cheaper than DirecTV's; but thenrepparttar 138385 Total Choice package comes with alot more channels. DirecTV is stronger inrepparttar 138386 area of sports coverage, while DISH Network places somewhat more of an emphasis on its premium movie packages and foreign programming options. And both have outstanding customer care, both having wonrepparttar 138387 prestigious J.D. Power Award in recent years for providingrepparttar 138388 best overall service among satellite and cable subscribers.

Dish Network in the Sky

Written by Kate Ivy and Gary Davis

Dish Network Satellites inrepparttar Sky

By Kate Ivy and Gary Davis

Webmasters: You may reprint this article in its entirety, providing you leaverepparttar 138200 Byline and Aboutrepparttar 138201 Author sections intact, includingrepparttar 138202 links to Dish Network Satellite TV. DISH Network Satellites inrepparttar 138203 Sky

DISH Network has been around for over a decade now, providing digital services to millions of customers worldwide. With its most recent launch of EchoStar IX, DISH Network boasts nine state-of-the-art satellites in its primary servicing system. Ever wonder where all those satellites are?

DISH Network launched its first satellite in 1995, just three years after EchoStar was granted its first orbital slot. EchoStar I was launched from Xichang, China and placed at 119 degrees West Longitude on December 28, 1995. In March of 1996, DISH Network begins broadcasting to its customers from its very first uplink center in Cheyenne, Wyoming. EchoStar I services an area that spansrepparttar 138204 western United States torepparttar 138205 Central/Mountain region.

With more than 100,000 customers,repparttar 138206 company launched its second satellite, EchoStar II from Kourou, French Guiana in South America in September 1996, just one month after opening its second service center in Thorton, Colorado. Also servicingrepparttar 138207 Western United States, EchoStar II was built by Lockheed Martin and had a launch weight of a whopping 6,360 pounds. Broadcasting began two months later in November 1996.

In October 1997, EchoStar launches its third satellite, EchoStar III from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Another Lockheed Martin product, EchoStar III weighed in at over 8,000 pounds at launch and orbits at 61.5 degrees West Longitude. The satellite servicesrepparttar 138208 Eastern United States and has doublerepparttar 138209 transponders of its two predecessors. Just two months later, DISH Network celebrates its millionth customer.

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