How to Choose a Good Jogging Stroller

Written by G Marwick

If you lead an active lifestyle and you want to include your new family additions in your outdoor activity then you need to consider getting yourself a good jogging stroller.

Choosing a jogging stroller can be like trying to decide on what car to buy. There are so many things to consider when making a decision. A good jogger can set you back anywhere from $79 to about $400. This is a lot of money but you get what you pay for.

There a several brands onrepparttar market and if you have been doing your research you will notice that each brand will have its own unique selling point. Before you decide to buy its important to know what you will be using it for. If you are someone who just wants a jogger forrepparttar 145103 odd brisk walk inrepparttar 145104 park or as an every day stroller then you will find there are brands that will suit this kind of activity.

The most noticeable difference in a jogging stroller is its wheel size. If you are a casual user then a jogger with smaller wheels will suit you. Smaller wheels are better for smooth surfaces. Smaller wheels are also usually easier to turn. If you are an avid runner and want to use your jogger for regular runs then you would have to opt for one with bigger wheels.

Bigger Wheels are much better for negotiating rough terrain and other obstacle like curbs and steps. The bigger wheels will help you glide over all types of terrain giving a much smoother ride. Certain Joggers are fitted with Shocks and Suspensions and are recommended for off road use. Joggers will have a fixed nose wheel which makes it more stable when being pushed at high speeds. If you are using your jogger for running or just aroundrepparttar 145105 supermarket then opt for a jogger that has a swivel wheel which can be locked into place if you decide to go out for a run. Swivel wheels will allow much easier manoeuvrability in small spaces.

The Benefits Of Baby Massage

Written by Nell Taliercio

There are actually many benefits to consider when contemplatingrepparttar art of baby massage. This practice is becoming more commonplace than ever before.

One ofrepparttar 145088 most important benefits of baby massage isrepparttar 145089 added and continuing bond it creates between you and your baby. Even if your baby is premature, you can still performrepparttar 145090 type of massage known as ‘still or containment holding’.

This is very easily accomplished by placing one hand on your baby’s head andrepparttar 145091 other on his or her stomach. Baby will feel secure and loved without leavingrepparttar 145092 safety ofrepparttar 145093 incubator.

As with adults, babies enjoyrepparttar 145094 relaxing sensations, they of course feel when being massaged. A massage before a nap or bedtime helps to ensure a longer lasting and even more restful sleep. For most parents, this is a welcome benefit of baby massage.

If you are a first time Mother (or Father) chances are you may be a bit nervous around your baby. You may feel as though you are not ‘handling’ him properly… that he might ‘break’.

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