How to Choose a 'Safe' Color to Paint Your Rooms

Written by Johnson Design

Are you STILL thinking about painting your walls with color?

Many people are afraid to makerepparttar leap from 'builder's beige' to a more daring color choice. What holds you back? Are you afraidrepparttar 149070 color will be too strong? Not match your furniture? Or you'll become tired of it and have to start over again?

While you're debatingrepparttar 149071 work involved you are missing out on one ofrepparttar 149072 basic elements of design that can changerepparttar 149073 entire look of your room for under $50. Your tired furniture can become new again and a mismatched room can have designer flare! So, how do you chooserepparttar 149074 right color?

The first recommendation is to choose a tinted neutral. Why is that? Instead of choosing rich, deep colors for your first project, you will likely feel more comfortable with a neutral such as beige or gray which will not daterepparttar 149075 room or create a jarring palate that you will easily tire of.

However, when you go to your local home improvement store you will be faced with a sea of color swatches - hundreds of versions of basic beige and gray to choose from. So before you go, consider these steps to choosingrepparttar 149076 right color for you.

If you likerepparttar 149077 feel of a warm and cozy room - think of fireplaces, brown leather and sunsets - then you'll want to start with a beige tone.

Native American Indian Art Wood Carvings of the Pacific Northwest

Written by Clint Leung

Native American Indian art inrepparttar American southwest is dominated byrepparttar 149069 magnificent pottery and jewelry inrepparttar 149070 region. When it comes torepparttar 149071 Pacific Northwest region which coversrepparttar 149072 states of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia (Canada) andrepparttar 149073 southern part of Alaska,repparttar 149074 Native American art here is mostly wood carvings. This is not surprising since unlikerepparttar 149075 southwest desert,repparttar 149076 Pacific Northwest is abundant with forests which have providedrepparttar 149077 wood as raw material forrepparttar 149078 regionís Native American Indian art.

The wood carvings ofrepparttar 149079 Pacific Northwest Native American art come in many different forms. The huge totem poles which are carved on entire tree trunks are probablyrepparttar 149080 most famous. Certainlyrepparttar 149081 most common form of contemporary Pacific Northwest Native American art isrepparttar 149082 plaque wood carving. The entire range of Pacific Northwest Native American Indian art subjects including eagles, ravens, thunderbirds, bears, killer whales and salmons are carved as plaques to be hung onrepparttar 149083 wall. A more complex project and usually higher priced would berepparttar 149084 masks which are also carved out of wood. The Pacific Northwest Native American artists make some ofrepparttar 149085 most striking aboriginal masks inrepparttar 149086 world.

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