How to Choose Keywords for Maximum SEO Effectiveness

Written by Corey A. Wenger

Choosingrepparttar right keywords and phrases for your search engine optimization (SEO) program is critical to its success. The right keywords drive targeted traffic to your website – prospects that are ready to buy. The wrong keywords attract web visitors that are not likely to purchase your products and services – wasting your time and money.

By followingrepparttar 127857 simple methods listed below, you will be able to determinerepparttar 127858 right mix of keywords and phrases that will generate targeted prospects to your website. Remember that good search terms are ones that are related to your business and have sufficient monthly search traffic.

How to chooserepparttar 127859 best keywords and phrases?

1)Select keywords that represent your company’s “bread and butter.” What products and service lines arerepparttar 127860 most profitable, haverepparttar 127861 strongest sales, and continue to show good market demand. And yes, typicallyrepparttar 127862 80/20 rule applies here. 80% of your sales and sales leads are produced by 20% of your keywords and phrases.

2)Look at complementary products and services that people tend to buy that you don’t offer. Often, these keywords generate good prospects and typically have less competition than your primary keywords and phrases.

3)Use online tools to help determine keyword variations and search frequency. The best free programs to use include Overture’s search term suggestion tool - and Google’s AdWords suggestion tool - 4)Use WordTracker - For a small fee, you can use this tool to find niche keywords, userepparttar 127863 thesaurus to find related search terms and determine general monthly search frequency. This is a great tool and worthrepparttar 127864 investment.

5)Use pay-per-click programs like Overture or Google’s AdWords to choose keywords and phrases for your SEO program. Both programs help you generate search terms based on specific keyword relationships and show how often they are searched for. Set a small monthly budget and trackrepparttar 127865 number of keyword impressions you receive for each search term. After one to two months of data, chooserepparttar 127866 search terms with adequate search frequency and incorporate them into your search engine optimization program.

"How To Write Effective And Unique Articles That Are Optimized for the Search Engines"

Written by Karl Augustine

It is a well known fact that writing, distributing and posting articles to various location onrepparttar web is an extremely effective way to generate targeted traffic and establish yourself as an experienced marketer in your field. Unique articles that help solverepparttar 127856 reader's problems, assistsrepparttar 127857 reader in advancing their marketing acumen, or otherwise generally inform tend to stay posted on many web sites throughoutrepparttar 127858 Internet and usually generate targeted traffic forrepparttar 127859 writer.

In order to further maximizerepparttar 127860 benefits of writing and posting unique articles, it makes good business sense to optimizerepparttar 127861 articles sorepparttar 127862 search engines listrepparttar 127863 URL's associated with those articles on search engine results pages (SERP's). Ideally, you'd like to see your article URL onrepparttar 127864 1st page ofrepparttar 127865 SERP's so you can capitalize onrepparttar 127866 free and targeted traffic from these listings.

So, what type of strategy can be utilized to optimize your articles forrepparttar 127867 search engines?

There's quite a few different ways but here are some tactics that you may want to use:

Article optimization tactic 1: Choose keywords that complement your USP and name your article page accordingly. When choosing keywords that will berepparttar 127868 central theme of your article, it is necessary to define what your article will be about, whorepparttar 127869 information inrepparttar 127870 article will benefit, and how it will tie into your USP before choosing your keywords. After you've thought through this, then come up with a list of keywords that will be suitable asrepparttar 127871 central them ofrepparttar 127872 article.

Next, decide which keywords you will center your article around based onrepparttar 127873 number of searches that keyword gets per day and by assessing how much competition there is for that keyword phrase. Once you have chosen your keyword phrase forrepparttar 127874 article, name your page.

Example: If 'green widgets' isrepparttar 127875 keyword you wish to base your article on, you may want to name your web page 'greenwdgets.htm' or 'greenwdgets.html' or 'greenwdgets.shtml'.

Article optimization tactic 2: Utilize keyword inrepparttar 127876 title tag. Utilize your keywords that you've chosen for your article inrepparttar 127877 title tag ofrepparttar 127878 web page.

Example: Green Widgets | The best green widgets available

Article optimization tactic 3: Utilize keyword in headline tags. Using keywords in headline tags will increase rankings of your web pages.

Ideally you would userepparttar 127879 keywords asrepparttar 127880 headline, but usually this doesn't look natural.

Keeprepparttar 127881 h tags before and afterrepparttar 127882 entire headline.


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