How to Care for Your Outdoor Water Fountains

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

Garden lovers aroundrepparttar world love putting fountains among their flowers, plants, bushes and shrubs. And withrepparttar 113414 Christmas season upon us inrepparttar 113415 U.S., many garden lovers may get their very first fountain as a gift this year.

Fountains make wonderful gifts year round. They're beautiful to look at, and fit well with almost any landscape. They're also quite serene and have a wonderful calming effect. So if you're getting or giving an outdoor water fountain for a gift this year, here are a few caretaking tips you'll want to have on hand...

Many outdoor fountains are made of concrete, and concrete expands and contracts in cold weather. If at all possible, you should move your concrete fountain indoors forrepparttar 113416 winter.

If you're not able to move it indoors, check it frequently to see if there's water collecting in it. You should keep it completely dry duringrepparttar 113417 winter months.

If your fountain will stay outdoors throughoutrepparttar 113418 winter, you also need to removerepparttar 113419 pump and store it indoors. Fill, wrap, or coverrepparttar 113420 fountain with blankets, burlap bags, tarp or other protective materials to help shield it from severe cold. Be sure you haverepparttar 113421 fountain covered entirely for maximum protection.

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