How to Build a Website

Written by Maricon Williams

Many businesses and companies are finding it hard to build their own websites. Nevertheless, it should not be daunting as they envision it to be. In fact, itís easy. You just need your basic knowledge in computer, internet, a free HTML editor and space inrepparttar web. And off you go with your new web site!

The first thing to do is to plan your objectives. They must be reflected in your web site. You must also think ofrepparttar 135361 visitors. You are makingrepparttar 135362 website for them and not to yourself alone. It must cater to their needs. I mean individual needs.

The next step is to think aboutrepparttar 135363 design. This involves layout, colors and content. These elements are crucial since they make uprepparttar 135364 totality of your web site. Wrong choice of color may result to hard to read content. Because of this, your visitors might be annoyed and switch to another site. The drawback is, you might lose all your visitors. Sure you donít want it to happen so be extra careful with these elements.

Find a server to publish your site. This isrepparttar 135365 next thing that you must do. There are sites that offer hosting for free. You can have them if you donít want to spend a penny. However, if youíre running a business, it is advisable to have your own domain. It may cost you about 70 dollars for two years. Not bad though because your site will be free from pop-ups thatrepparttar 135366 free hosting servers are giving.

Are You Choosing Your Website Colors Safely?

Written by Maricon Williams

Many designers are overlookingrepparttar vitality of colors in creating a web site. Why is it vital? It is because it creates a mood Ė it can annoy, irritate or interest and upliftrepparttar 135360 spirit ofrepparttar 135361 visitors. Your site can end up plain and boring or chaotic if you donít take a look at your colors minutest details.

If you are not an expert in colors, you can consultrepparttar 135362 color wheel to achieve safe colors. You can opt for complementary colors, those that are found across another color, for safe choices. Orange and blue implies excitement. Green and blue onrepparttar 135363 other hand, implies unanimity and agreement. You can also opt for monochromatic colors or inrepparttar 135364 web design parlance Ėrepparttar 135365 monolithic approach. It isrepparttar 135366 approach which uses different shades ofrepparttar 135367 same color. Experts are saying that monoliths is best suited for business sites because of their classy and subtle appearance. Just a word of caution to web designers, this approach can sometimes result to boring colors and may in turn, need an addition of black or other solid colors.

As a general rule, use colors that are pleasing torepparttar 135368 eyes and will complement torepparttar 135369 subject matter. Thus, it can be concluded that rich, classy and traditional colors like blue, gray, brown and burgundy can be best suited for business websites.

You can also userepparttar 135370 conventional black texts with white backgrounds to ensure readability. To grab attention torepparttar 135371 subject matter, you can userepparttar 135372 bold color red. In order to make your website dynamic yet still readable, you can use contrasting colors. You can haverepparttar 135373 trial and error method to get best results.

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