How to Build a Huge Opt-In List as an Affiliate…

Written by Anik Singal

Copyright 2005 Kurma Group

One ofrepparttar biggest mistakes I see affiliates making everyday is that their building a short-term business where they just make a small sale – one sale at a time. If they stop running ads today, their business would shut down! The strategy we’re going to discuss now will allow any affiliate to build a long-term business. This strategy will allow you to upsell your visitors for expensive services. Even more importantly, by using this strategy you’ll soon become recognized as an expert in your field and making money will be allrepparttar 137114 easier!

So what is this strategy? … … You guessed it, it’s building an opt-in list – a newsletter/Ezine.

By having an opt-in list you’re building a customer base instead of just small sales! You can sellrepparttar 137115 same customer over and over without having any more advertising costs. You build a trust with your readers that allows them to be loyal in doing business through you affiliate link!

So, as an affiliate, how do you build an opt-in list?

=============== How to Buildrepparttar 137116 List ===============

The simplest way I have found is to start deferring all of my traffic that I pay for to an opt-in page. Afterrepparttar 137117 person opts-in, have them land on a thank you page where you pre-sell them forrepparttar 137118 affiliate product.

So, you’re probably already building traffic to your site – now, instead of sending that traffic directly to your affiliate link, send it to a page that has an opt-in.

========================== How Should My Opt-In Page Look? ==========================

The next most popular question is how to makerepparttar 137119 opt-in page look. Believe it or not, there actually IS a strategy behind this. Your page MUST be small, short and torepparttar 137120 point. This means that you should NOT have a long sales letter type page to get them to opt-in.

Your entire opt-in page should fit in one screen with NO scroll down bar. Have a strong headline, 5-6 bulleted benefits and then a nice big opt-in. You’ll be amazed at how highrepparttar 137121 results can be…

Stop Begging for Referrals!

Written by David Frey

Copyright 2005 David Frey

Just about every course or book that deals with getting referrals teaches you one single referral method - - "asking" for referrals.

Yes, they'll teach you how you have to give good service and then they give you a formula for asking for referrals and that's all well and good....BUT...

...there's a HUGE problem with this approach. People HATE to ask for referrals. You hate it, I hate it, andrepparttar people that get asked hate it.

Andrepparttar 137089 bottom line is...people won't do what they hate to do. That's just simple human nature.

Asking people for referrals is right up there with asking your friend to come to church with you on Sunday. It's downright uncomfortable.

The sad result is that people don't get even a tiny amount ofrepparttar 137090 referrals they could be getting simply becauserepparttar 137091 whole "asking" process is flawed.


Here'srepparttar 137092 Other Problem with Asking for Referrals... _____________________________________________

Let's just suppose for a moment that you do ask for referrals. Do you ask all your clients and customers? Do you ask them every time you see them?

Probably not.


Because it's not a systematic process for you. There's not a bell that goes "ding!" to remind you to ask for a referral every time you're with a customer.

But if you REALLY want a LOT of referrals. I mean an avalanche of referrals, you need to have a systematic process for getting them.

Referral S - Y - S - T - E - M - S

Systems are business processes that have predictable results and outcomes because they happenrepparttar 137093 same way ever time, day in and day out.

I like to think of systems using this acronym:

S-ystems save




E-nergy and


If you want to get more referrals you need to implement referral s-y-s-t-e-m-s.

Andrepparttar 137094 referral system needs to be "transactional" and NOT "relationship-based."

NOTE: I'm about to ruffle a LOT of feathers with this one. It goes against everything you've been taught about getting referrals.


"Transaction-Based" Referrals - The Key to Getting a Consistent, Predictable Flow of Fresh Referrals _______________________________________________________

A lot of people who teach you about getting referrals will tell you that if you nourish your relationship with your customer or client they'll give you referrals.

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