How to Build Your Business on a Solid Foundation

Written by Mary Wilkey

Okay, so now you believe you've foundrepparttar right program to promote online. Where do you start? Many programs online (and off, for that matter) have lots of plans and systems for you to work, lots of "avenues of attack," lots of tools, lots of resources, lots of training, lots of videos, lots of audios, lots of written materials, etc., and that's fine.

What isn't so fine is when you get everything "thrown" at you at one time. You get bewildered. You get frustrated. You feel lost. You are overwhelmed. In short, you simply don't know where to start. Then you can't stay focused. So what do you do?

You have to pinpointrepparttar 117809 right place to start learning and assimilating all this information, and you have to put it all into its proper perspective. But how?

There is usually a company-sponsored plan in place. Just take that and follow it one step at a time. Seems elementary, doesn't it?

But it is very easy to digress from this step-by-step progression when you get several emails from your sponsor telling about this, that, andrepparttar 117810 other thing that have just been put in place, and that these new methods are now available to start using immediately, especially if "immediate cash" is promised somewhere in there.

It all sounds really exciting and tempting, but resistrepparttar 117811 temptation to go off unprepared. And if you don't haverepparttar 117812 basics down, that is exactly what you will be!

So do you ignore all these emails that are meant to help, but really end up pulling you away from getting throughrepparttar 117813 basic learning curve?

Yes! At least, for now. File them away in a folder to be read AFTER you have digestedrepparttar 117814 basics. You have to get your nutrition from milk, and then soft foods, and progress up torepparttar 117815 meats!

Is a Home-Based Business What You Want?

Written by Donna Sweat

Stepping into year two of a home-based business has my thoughts turned torepparttar revamping of my business website and business in general. My first thought was where to start? I haven't written an article in some time and maybe this is a good start to getrepparttar 117808 ball rolling. Perhaps you have read," Look Before You Leap ... Is a Home-Based Business REALLY For You?, by Elena Fawkner. Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ...practical home business ideas forrepparttar 117809 work- from-home entrepreneur.

Elena has made some very good points in her article about home business. As an entrepreneur of home business, I too share her thoughts. I wrote an article,"Home Biz Tips", some time ago, that merely skimmedrepparttar 117810 surface ofrepparttar 117811 home business. Now going into my second year of business, I found some new experiences to add to my list and Elena's. Elena places home business realities into three categories: financial, personal and situational. I will add my comments for each below:

Personal Realities:

>Commitment: That's exactly so, either you're into it or you're not.Your business must be top priority over anything. You must dedicate yourself to succeed.

>Risk Taker: If you are not ready for a downfall, don't try a home business. It will fail many ways before it succeeds. Secure and stable,it is not for some time to come.

>Self-Motivation: You arerepparttar 117812 number one "Boss". You must do it, like it or not, evenrepparttar 117813 stuff you hate to do.There is no one else there to do it.

>Self-Discipline: Distractions? You bet and lots of them! I cannot namerepparttar 117814 number of them within a span of one hour. Be prepared to stay focused.

>Patience: It is a virtue! Believe it. You are not going to make money right away, kudos to Elena! Absolute truth.

>Reasons: Want to work from home? Yes....and help withrepparttar 117815 income? Yes...Buy for your home, children, and spouse? Yes..Remember your reasons.

>Flexibility and Adaptability: Jack of All Trades,"That's You!" Just like those many household chores you do without thinking. You will learn to do things you never realized, that were associated with working at home.

>Willingness to Sacrifice: Long hours onrepparttar 117816 computer are a must.Can you sacrifice time and can your family live with it?

>Work Ethic: Doesrepparttar 117817 need to work exist in you?

>Stress Management: It's alot of weight on your shoulders! Your business relies on you as to whether it will succeed or not. Many thoughts will be on your mind and you must carry these thoughts with you day and night, everywhere you go, in everything you do...always inrepparttar 117818 back of your mind. Can you deal with it?

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