How to Build Spam-Free Email Campaigns

Written by Bill Platt

Inrepparttar current Internet market, many people are confused as to how they can use email to build their online businesses, while consumers are fighting offrepparttar 109629 evils of spam email. As a result, we are tackling this most important issue today.

The ideal way to use email to develop your business is by creating a double opt-in list on either YahooGroups,, or

I have dozens of these lists in existence myself. Basically each opt-in list provides a specific talking point or advertising point that people are interested in. (Examples: I have a dozen lists for free-reprint articles, 2 lists for ezine ad swaps, 2 small lists talking about online business, one for computer help. I also have a couple for advertising ezines torepparttar 109630 public. I have tried safe-lists butrepparttar 109631 hosting companies keep deleting those.)

Additionally, I have at times past had up to 5 ezines, but right now only one. Each ofrepparttar 109632 five ezines were on various topics --- including computer software, online marketing and general entertainment --- and all were double opt-in.

Each ofrepparttar 109633 hosting companies allow you to place an ad in each mailing delivered to your group. With YahooGroups, you can only place one ad atrepparttar 109634 bottom ofrepparttar 109635 email. With Topica, you can place your ads top and bottom. I cannot tell you much about since I just learned about them this past weekend.

The trick to any opt-in list is providing something based on a niche interest. Provided your list delivers something of value torepparttar 109636 subscribers,repparttar 109637 people will sign up to receive them.

Withrepparttar 109638 ezine, you would try to provide some type of valuable information of interest to your target market. By consistently providing valuable information to your readers, you will be buildingrepparttar 109639 relationships with people who will likely buy from you inrepparttar 109640 future.

Let me say one thing here. Do not let an ezine distract you from your real purpose. Any ezine you develop is a tool to help you grow your business. Don't fall intorepparttar 109641 common trap of starting an ezine to promote your business and then thinking later that your ezine is your business.

There are in fact several large mailing companies out there with clean, double opt-in mailing lists for ads, but I must emphasize care when selecting one of these companies. Ifrepparttar 109642 mailing company cannot promise that their list is double opt-in, leave them be. Be sure to also get references and check those references. There are a lot of scammers out there sending spam to millions of harvested addresses and then trying to convince you that their mailings are safe. Buyer beware.

Double opt-in means that I as a subscriber requestrepparttar 109643 mailing then I receive a verification email fromrepparttar 109644 mailing list telling me that I must follow certain steps to verify my intentions to subscribe. Double opt-in is literally a method of getting someone to agree twice to receive future email.

Single opt-in lists can be and are often abused by their owners orrepparttar 109645 public-at-large. So avoid single opt-in lists at all costs. Evenrepparttar 109646 appearance of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE/Spam) can be deadly for your business.

"Explosive Success Via Email!"

Written by A. T. Rendon

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that email isrepparttar most important communications development inrepparttar 109628 history ofrepparttar 109629 world thanks torepparttar 109630 Internet.

The reason is simple.

We can now communicate on a global scale in a matter of minutes.

This is an awesome power and responsibility. The power isrepparttar 109631 act of communication itself. The responsibility comes in making use of this power in a reasonable and non-spam manner.

That is why it is so important to establish a mailing list of people that have agreed to receive your email messages.

You can either build your list in a slow but steady manner, as detailed in our FREE Report, "Starting Your Own Newsletter!", available to you FREE of charge via auto-responder by email at:

Or you can pay one of those online services to send out emails as confirmations whenever they post a free ad onrepparttar 109632 networks system.

Either way, here are a few tips to "Explosively Increaserepparttar 109633 Success of ANY Email Advertising Campaign!"

1. Your Subject Line isrepparttar 109634 MOST Important Element.

The 'Subject Line' will either get your email read or immediately deleted. It isrepparttar 109635 single most important element of your email message. If you have a bad 'Subject Line' then you may as well not even bother sending outrepparttar 109636 email inrepparttar 109637 first place.

Whatever time you invest on preparing your email campaign, makerepparttar 109638 'Subject' ofrepparttar 109639 email your top priority to provide you repparttar 109640 opportunity to have a successful email campaign.

2. Use Action Words.

Action words bring your message to life forrepparttar 109641 reader. They can help you convey to your target audiencerepparttar 109642 importance of your over-all message.

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