How to Build Link Popularity - The Natural Way

Written by Sean Odom

Link popularity isrepparttar number of relevant quality inbound links pointing to your website. Most major search engines use link popularity as part of their algorithm which helps to determinerepparttar 119339 relevance of your website.

Exchanging Links is Not Alwaysrepparttar 119340 Best Way

One ofrepparttar 119341 most prevalent ways to develop link popularity is by exchanging links. But it is not necessarilyrepparttar 119342 best way. First, exchanging links willy-nilly with anyone you can find willing to do so is not a good tactic. It doesn't help your site visitors if you link to irrelevant, poor quality sites. It makes your site look trashy. And it doesn't help your search engine ranking either. In fact, if you're exchanging links too carelessly you could be pegged as a link farm and actually banned from search engines.

The right way to exchange links is by finding quality, relevant sites with which to exchange links. These arerepparttar 119343 links that search engines care about. Butrepparttar 119344 process of findingrepparttar 119345 right sites and then convincingrepparttar 119346 webmaster or site owner to exchange with you is a time consuming process. Time better spent, we believe, on building link popularity repparttar 119347 right way:repparttar 119348 natural way.

Link Popularity and Great Content Search engines include link popularity as part of their ranking algorithm based on repparttar 119349 theory that if you have great content, offer a valuable service, or sell a product people want, then people will naturally link to you. So what's wrong with doing just that? The first step to building better link popularityrepparttar 119350 natural way is to improve your website. Spendrepparttar 119351 time you would have spend searching for link exchange partners on creating sticky content for you site instead.

Press Releases If your company or website does anything even mildly noteworthy, write a press release and distribute it onrepparttar 119352 web. There are several paid and free press release distribution services that will post your press release with a link back to your site. Take advantage of them.

Affiliate Programs Start an affiliate program. Offer to pay per click through or per sale that originates at your affiliate's sites. They'll link to you as affiliates and you'll have more inbound links.

Offer Free Articles or Tools Write articles in your area of expertise or create free web-based tools. Offerrepparttar 119353 articles or tools free to anyone, and ask only for a link back as payment.

Directory Links Directories are crucial for building link popularity and targeted traffic. Directories are broken down into specific categorical topics followed by subtopics. A quality link from a major directory carries more relevance and weight than scores of links from websites that aren't relevant to your website, product or service.

Your Fan Club - Getting Inbound Links

Written by John Calder

2004, John Calder

Let's face it, getting one-way, non-reciprocal links in to your site isrepparttar way to go these days, at least as far as SEO purposes go. Reciprocal links can send you traffic, and may count for something inrepparttar 119338 search engine ranking algorithms, but not nearly as much as they used to. To help you inrepparttar 119339 search results, you have to getrepparttar 119340 inbound links, preferably a text link with relevant text, from a site related to yours. Here are a few tips on getting those all-important inbounds.

It's doubtful, for new sites in particular, that you'll get another webmaster to link to you just forrepparttar 119341 asking. Many won't even exchange links with low PR sites anymore, so your polite email request for a one-way link to your new PR 0 site may well be met with laughter.

But there are other ways to getrepparttar 119342 links you need. For example, you can post on relevant forums and newsgroups that themselves have some decent ranking. Remember though, that unless you're selling to other marketers, there are a lot more forums than just marketing related ones. In fact, it's much better, if you sell ski equipment for example, to post on ski vacation forums, local forums centered around various ski resorts, and so on. These are more on-topic to your site, and will carry more clout than a link from a marketing site.

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