How to Build A Niche Web Site in 9 Simple Steps

Written by Donna Monday

Maybe youíve been wondering how to go about setting up a niche web site. Well, hereís a quick little article that will show you how to create your very own affiliate web site. Please note: this isrepparttar cheat sheet version. There is a lot more information you should learn about this subject before you get started.

Step 1. Pick a Niche Subject

This may berepparttar 145349 hardest part of your web site project. Thereís literally tons of subjects to choose from. People are interested in a variety of things Ė from parrots to pilots. You donít have to necessarily pick something youíre interested in, but it helps.

Youíre more likely to do a better job at building your site when you have some interest inrepparttar 145350 subject matter. Itís like taking a high school or college class. Some subjects are more interesting than others. Make sure you choose something that a reasonable amount of people are actually searching for online and want to find out more information about.

Hereís a free tool that will help you checkrepparttar 145351 popularity of specific subjects: (

Step 2. Do Keyword Research

This is a part that many people skip. Iíve made that mistake myself and sufferedrepparttar 145352 consequences Ė a failed web site. Even though itís nice to think that you can write anything you want and have total creative freedom, not using keyword rich content is a BIG mistake.

Iíd rather lose some creative freedom and attract visitors to my site, than have a lot of flowery prose that zero people will see. You MUST include targeted keywords in your web site copy. Also, make sure you use your targeted keywords inrepparttar 145353 upper third portion of your web site pages. This is also called optimizing your web site forrepparttar 145354 search engines. Userepparttar 145355 Overture Keyword Tool for research:

Note: keywords must be relevant torepparttar 145356 THEME (subject) of your site. Be careful not to over use them. Search engines donít like keyword SPAM.

Step 3. Get A Domain Name

Having a unique domain name is important, although some donít agree. However, a unique domain name makes your site look more professional and trustworthy to visitors. I use BuyDomains ( They are notrepparttar 145357 cheapest, but I stick with them because I like their easy interface and good customer service. Nameboy ( is also good.

Step 4. Write Keyword Rich Content

This may be a hard step for those of you who donít consider yourselves writers. But, writing web site copy is not as hard as it seems. Just think of it as having a conversation with a friend about a product or service youíre really enthusiastic about.

Donít think you can extolrepparttar 145358 benefits of your subject? Tune your TV into QVC or one ofrepparttar 145359 other shopping networks to see how they can spend several minutes talking aboutrepparttar 145360 benefits of all kinds of mundane products. This is what youíll be doing for your web site.

Your copy should feature a good balance of friendliness and professionalism. Remember, youíre passing along useful information to your visitor. Put yourself in their shoes. What would you want to know about xyz subject if you were them? Now, write that down. Donít forget to sprinkle targeted keywords throughout your copy. I print out a list of them to use for my sites.

Thereís An Internet Sucker Born Every Minute

Written by Donna Monday

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Itís almost that time of year again when that greatest show online begins. Right afterrepparttar 145349 holidays, people begin giving their lifestylesrepparttar 145350 once over. Many will decide to create a better lifestyle for themselves and their families by working at home.

Dreams of quitting their jobs and making a decent living with only a little effort andrepparttar 145351 right moneymaking opportunities onrepparttar 145352 Internet is all they need to make a fresh start.

While these sincere folks are busy making plans, thereís another gang of people just waiting inrepparttar 145353 shadows forrepparttar 145354 trusting shark bait . . I mean, people, to jump online. Letís call themrepparttar 145355 Internet sharks. And their mantra is:

ďThereís An Internet Sucker Born Every Minute.Ē

Now I know that most of you looking to make serious money onrepparttar 145356 Internet are not trying to purposely get scammed out of your hard earned dollars, but youíre often blinded - by your enthusiasm for pursuing work at home jobs and opportunities - torepparttar 145357 dangers ofrepparttar 145358 professional con artists.

The sharks are very careful to create a professional look and feel to their work at home scams. Often they will dangle tantalizing ways to make easy money online. Theyíll tell you itís free to make money online. How fast and effortless it all is. In no time youíll be living in grand style. Yeah, right.

Nothing in this world is free and that includes business opportunities. Someone is going to collect their money from these good folks Ė even when itís ďfree to join.Ē Watch out for that hand quietly slipping into your back pocket and cleaning out your credit card while youíre being told how much money youíre going to make.

Remember that to do business inrepparttar 145359 offline world it costs start up money. Itís no different online. To build a successful online income, youíve got to start out with legitimate work at home jobs and opportunities.

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