How to Break the Chain of Vicious Circle

Written by Olakunbi Korostensky

Copyright 2005 Flaming Life Coaching INC.

Ever had one of those days, when things just spin out of control no matter what you do? You have? Welcome torepparttar club of "life on rotation". Because this is what happens when vicious circle takes over your life.

This, however, does not have to be. Personally and professionally, I have found 5 strategies to be most effective in stopping yourself from going into a catatonic maze in times of vicious circle. These strategies are interrelated, and when applied can help you keep your sanity.

1. Shift your focus by letting go ofrepparttar 150899 problem and not trying to fix things. There are times when situations are best left alone temporarily. Your wanting to control a volatile or calamitous situation when you are overwhelmed only makes things worse. The best approach is to turn your attention to other matters and relax.

Getting yourself to relax may be difficult at first when a problem is gnawing at you. When this happens, take a deep breath, listen to your intuition and move away fromrepparttar 150900 scene of tension. Take charge and do what is good for you. Be creative and take a break!

2. Choose your thoughts carefully. It is only natural that when things get out of control your thinking gets impaired. Still, it is important to watch your thoughts and emotions. For these are powerful energy which can constrict or open your path to finding new solutions, depending on how you use them.

I have great admiration for people who are able to remain calm and collected inrepparttar 150901 heat of recurring catastrophes. These people often radiate a special glow which seems to single them out. I once asked a medical assistant of a colleague, how she was always able to remain poised inrepparttar 150902 midst of allrepparttar 150903 drama that went on 24/7 at work. She smiled at me and replied that when she was young her mother always reminded her that she could chooserepparttar 150904 way she wanted to see things, especially in difficult times. She said that knowledge was what got her through primary school. Becauserepparttar 150905 kids were often cruel to her, since she never new her father. So instead of thinking herself depraved, she chose to think of herself as being privileged to haverepparttar 150906 special love and attention of her mother all to herself!

3. Change and raise your vibration by focusing on what gives you joy. When you choose thoughts that support you and your condition,repparttar 150907 built up pressure dissipates and you are more at ease. This makes it easier to raise your inner vibration from this position.

The Power You Possess

Written by Maren Cruickshank

What you need to understand is that there is no barrier to what is possible. It doesn't matter what it looks like. Everything that you desire is possible. Everything! The force of creation that you possess allows you to create anything you desire even though it doesn't exist as yet. You possessrepparttar power and no one can take it away from you. The force of creation is working within you at all times creating your life from your beliefs. Your beliefs affect your attitude, actions and your results.

For you to give up on your dream is dumb because no one else can create them for you.

You arerepparttar 150865 creator. You create your life. You are inrepparttar 150866 drivers seat. You makerepparttar 150867 choices. And you enjoyrepparttar 150868 rewards or sufferrepparttar 150869 consequences of your creations.

What are you creating? What tools of creation that were given to you are you using? Are you using them to their fullest potential to benefit your life?

What are your beliefs? Are you holding strong torepparttar 150870 fact that you arerepparttar 150871 creator and there is nothing that can stop you? Do you really believe that?

Believe this: You arerepparttar 150872 creator. God gave yourepparttar 150873 powers and permission to experience reality on this physical earth in a physical body and you have everything that it takes to create anything you want. You possessrepparttar 150874 powers. You arerepparttar 150875 creator. All that is needed for you to create things on this physical plane is for you to desire it strong enough so that it presses through to this physical plane.

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