How to Boost Your Traffic and Profits with Content!

Written by Roger Fong

Are you aware of how vitally important and valuable CONTENT is to your online business? In fact, content can do more to build your business and profits than just about any other resource or service available.

Following is a list of 5 key ways that content can help build your traffic, subscribers, and customers starting today!...

1. Boost your search engine ranking and daily visitor count by posting keyword rich articles and content on your web-site. For example, if your business involves offering products and services related to fitness, posting fitness related articles and content will attract unlimited prospective customers on a regular basis!

2. Generate double or even triplerepparttar number of newsletter subscribers you do currently, simply by offering content inrepparttar 149173 form of "special reports" or manuals as bonuses for subscribing to your publication. People love freebies, so give them what they want and watch as your results increase!

3. Create an automated cashflow by using content to formulate multi-part email training courses with related web-site or affiliate links "sprinkled" throughout each course. Use an autoresponder service to automaterepparttar 149174 delivery of your training course (such as a 5 part training course delivered over a 5 day period).

Training courses can also serve as excellent bonus offers for your prospective newsletter subscribers.

4. One ofrepparttar 149175 most important keys to a successful online business is not JUST having a list of mailing list or newsletter subscribers... It's about building a trusting relationship with your subscribers (ie, "cultivating" your list)...

By sending informative articles (content) to your list on a regular basis you will establish yourself as an expert on your topic of business, as well as gainrepparttar 149176 trust of your subscribers over time. As a result, your subscribers will be EAGER to take advantage of your "paid" product and service offers. (Just make sure that you NEVER take advantage ofrepparttar 149177 relationship you develop with your list by offering products or services of poor quality just to make a quick buck!)

Google Adsense Page Positioning

Written by Kenneth Elliott

Correct positioning of your Google adsense ads can make or break your success withrepparttar Google adsense program. Why is this true? Some studies suggest that eye positioning on website gravitate to particular sections of web pages. And if you donít haverepparttar 149037 necessary ads in these positions you will not getrepparttar 149038 clicks.

I talked to countless people that have great traffic, some with 300 to 1000 new visitors a day that say that they only make approx. at max $10 to $20 dollars a month onrepparttar 149039 adsense program. What a shame. But when I look at their websitesrepparttar 149040 ads are either buried in wording that no one usually pays attention to orrepparttar 149041 ads are located in positions that just donít call any attention to their presence.

So wererepparttar 149042 best locations for you Google adsense ads. Well, I have foundrepparttar 149043 number one best place forrepparttar 149044 ads are near or in proximity to your main menu. Why near your main menu. Because you know that visitors eyes will and always look forrepparttar 149045 menu structure of your website. Sorepparttar 149046 common places for placement should be torepparttar 149047 top right,repparttar 149048 very top under your menu, orrepparttar 149049 top left. These arerepparttar 149050 most common locations for you main menu.

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