How to Boost Traffic to Your Blog:Tips to Get Inbound Links for Bloggers

Written by Ryen Kim

Inbound links bring you traffic and boost your ranking!

One time I saw a blog that saying,

If you want to increase traffic... get links!

If you want to get high page rank ... get links!!

Link, link, links!!!

Though that blog was written for general web sites owner, when it comes to blogging, nothing changes!

Strictly speaking,repparttar amount of traffic coming from external links may be small compared to that of one coming from major search engines. But,it is highly targeted traffic and moreover it does increase your page rank. Thus, more traffic can be expected from search engines.

One may raise a question. "How many inbound links do I need?"

Sorry, it's a wrong question. Quality of links matters,having many inbound links is not bad, though. If you have external inbound links from absolutely not related to your blog theme,repparttar 137573 links are just junk. And if they are coming fromrepparttar 137574 site which have lower page rank than your blog site, it doesn't help you much. That said; quality matters.

One way to get inbound link is link exchange. You link to other sites and askrepparttar 137575 owner of that site to link back to you. I don't want to discourage you from doing link exchange, however, it is difficult and time consuming job. Whenever possible, try to get inbound links by doing link exchange. But you may put more effort to do other things yet more effective ones.

First, why getting inbound links by link exchange is difficult?

Most of web masters and bloggers know that they have to get inbound links from

  • the web sites or blog sites that have similar themes as theirs
  • those have higher page rank than theirs
The first one generally doesn't produce problem. But there seems to be logical problem whenrepparttar 137576 second one is concerned. If everybody wants to get inbound links from higher ranked site, who else is willing to link back torepparttar 137577 lower ranked sites. Not many, I guess. This makes doing link exchange less effective.

A warning: under any circumstances, don't be involved in link farm or Free For All(FFA) links. Once they were good tips to get high rank, however, nowadays search engine, especially Google will ban you if you're involved in those activity. They are not legitimated link exchange.

Having said that, here are 4 tips to get inbound links other than link exchange.

  • Submit your blog and/or RSS feed to blog search engine and directories

    It does bring you small amount of traffic. More importantly you will get inbound links from authentified web sites, blog search engines and directories. There are more than 100 of them and you can findrepparttar 137578 links at RSSTop55 - Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites. It says top 55 but if you read on more than 100 submission lists you'll find. I don't think you have to submit all of them, but if you can it's OK. Submitting to 100 sites is not pleasant job. Start from first 10 or 20 sites, and if you think you need more, do it another day. But don't fool yourself by buying auto submission program or service because most of blog search engines don't allow auto submission and most of them pinging is enough.

How To Boost Traffic To Your Blog: SEO for Bloggers

Written by Ryen Kim

Let search engine index your blog and let people come to your fresh blog. Though you're in World Wide Web, nobody knows you're there. You need to pull kindly those who are potentially waiting for you but don't know where your are. This objective is related to generally known as search engine optimization (SEO). It's too broad to address all. Butrepparttar most important things will I talk about. Though they're not all but more than enough will be covered. They are about...

  • How to use keywords as a SEO technique
  • What to consider when you choose blog templates
  • How to construct your blog search engine friendly
  • Ping your blog

How to use keywords as a SEO technique?

As long as SEO is concerned,repparttar 137572 keyword comes at front line. You have to findrepparttar 137573 target keyword/keywords or niche keywords.

What to do withrepparttar 137574 keyword/keywords? Please read on.....

  • Enter keywords in your blog name: If you named your blog for example, "Ryen's blog", it's not a good idea inrepparttar 137575 view of SEO. Instead name your blog something like "keyword blog". You need to substitute "keyword" with your "target keyword", for example "mountain bike blog", if your blog is about mountain bike.
  • Enter keywords of your post in title tag: Actually most of bloggers don't need to concern about "title tag" because most of blog hosting applications such as blogger, typepad, wordpress, movable type, drupal, etc... care this for you. But you have to userepparttar 137576 keyword in your title and then they will include it inrepparttar 137577 title tag for you.
  • Enter keywords in meta description tag, if possible: This may be difficult for most of bloggers because most of blog hosting system don't support this. If this is your case, don't bother with this. To make it possible is almost impossible forrepparttar 137578 people like me who are not techie at all. But don't worry there is other solution: care your first sentence ofrepparttar 137579 first paragraph.
  • Enter keywords inrepparttar 137580 first sentence: Nowadays many SEO experts say that most of search engines don't look meta description tag. Instead they look forrepparttar 137581 few words inrepparttar 137582 first sentence. So care your first sentence to includerepparttar 137583 keywords, make it fit to describe your whole post and attractive.
  • Repeat your keywords in your post: With this an English grammar teacher may not be happy. But as long as SEO is concerned, it's necessary: frankly to say, you have to. General rule saysrepparttar 137584 keyword density should be about 2-3% of whole words in your post.

    You may complain "heck, how do I know keyword density." Well, you don't need to count it manually. There is a free tool to checkrepparttar 137585 keyword density. And actually I don't even check it allrepparttar 137586 time. I just keep in mind 2-3% and check only for some posts that I think worth checking. Having this in mind,repparttar 137587 free tool is here. Typerepparttar 137588 URL of your post, keyword and click "analyze" button. It'll return yourepparttar 137589 keyword density of your post. Ifrepparttar 137590 keyword density is too low, consider repeatrepparttar 137591 keyword more but don't repeat too much (more than 3%)

  • Use your keyword in your blog domain: This improvesrepparttar 137592 ranking of your blog and hence more traffic come to you. If your blog is about "anniversary gift", for example, include it in your domain name so that your blog domain looks like ""
  • Use your keyword inrepparttar 137593 link title: Many blogger don't know about this!

    Which one do you think better, "anniversary gift" or "anniversary-gift.your" as your link title? The former is better. The reason? Because search engines value more. So keep in mind that whenever you get link try to enter your keywords inrepparttar 137594 link title.

  • Enter keywords in your file name: When you save your blog, use your keyword.

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